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Jamie and MacQuarrie are watching the men before them being hanged, chatting about being condemned, how they'll soil themselves upon the deed and leaving loved ones behind. 

MacQuarrie is still fighting the rope while Jamie is called. He puts up a fight but is dragged to the gallows. Black Jack rides up and stops his execution.

Claire is attempting to get into the prison to visit Jamie upon her good Christian duty. The man won't send a letter from Jamie, but offers to Claire Jamie's personal effects. She gets outside the prison and vomits in front of Murtagh. He thinks the worst. 

Claire is disgusted that Angus and Rupert seem to be having such a good time, but they're losing their coin to Wentworth jailors. They've discovered a one-hour window when the warden is away from his office when they can make their move.

Black Jack visits Jamie. He has Jamie's petition for freedom in his hand. Tis not a good start.

Claire and Murtagh make entry to the warden's office.

Black Jack taunts Jamie, wondering if he haunts Jamie's dreams. In exchange for the answers he wants, Black Jack offers a better death.

The warden's assistant happens upon the office again and Claire must set off into the prison. She's in the equivalent of gen pop, unaware that Jamie is being held separately.

When Black Jack asks to see Jamie's back, Jamie attacks. Black Jack is angry the man almost kills Jamie and then pummels Jamie's hand with the hammer. His screams alert Claire. When Jamie lunges at Black Jack, Black Jack puts Jamie's hand on his crotch, saying he will take him right now. 

Claire opens a door to the outside and finds Jamie.  Claire and Black Jack fight and argue and ultimately Jamie offers himself to Black Jack in return for allowing Claire to go free. Claire is appalled. She begs for it not to happen, but Black Jack nails Jamie's ruined hand to the table and forces him to kiss him.

Claire is sobbing and begging as Jamie asks Black Jack to take her away. Claire gives to Black Jack the hour of his death before she takes her leave by way of being tossed into the body pit.

Black Jack returns to Jamie and touches his back after he rips away his shirt saying the scars are a masterpiece. He wonders how it feels to be alive wearing so much dead flesh. The look upon Jamie's face is enough.

They're staying at a man's house and she offers to him Jamie's mother's pearls to help save Jamie. He isn't willing to help even when he sees the pearls. He gave the pearls to her for her wedding gift. 

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Outlander Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Tell me, when you lie upon your wife and her hands trace the scars on your back, do you ever think of me?

Black Jack

Black Jack: Will you show me your back?
Jamie: If it will stop your talkin'.