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It's flag raising time at Wentworth Prison. Jamie is beaten and bloody inside. His hand doesn't look as though it belongs on a human being. He's naked, and Randall lay beside him. Full frontal shot of the nasty captain as he gets up, leaving a defeated Jamie on the cot. Jamie reminds him that he owes him a debt. Randall picks up a knife, but is interrupted by the sounds of the prison. Jamie cries out.

As Randall walks toward the door inspecting the sound, the entrance Claire had altered is busted down and a herd of cattle tramples Randall below the door. Claire's men come in and rescue Jaime, who had moved to the floor. Claire is waiting up the road. Claire realizes he smells of lavender, which is used to relieve pain. Someone tried to tend him, then?

When Jamie sees faces, it is only Randall. He's lashing out, even at those he loves.

They arrive an at abbey and Jamie cannot be treated. His soul is in turmoil. When Claire asks him what Randall did to him, he says too much, and not enough and flashes back to what did happen.

Randall attempted to make Jamie more comfortable, first removing Jamie's hand from the table. When Jamie awoke, he tended to him almost lovingly, as much as the man probably can. Upon calling Jamie a magnificent creature, he wants to kiss Jamie and sets to doing so. He kisses him, using tongue right out of the gate. The man is not a romantic. He's angry that Jamie is submitting, but not participating. 

Randall then proceeds to rape Jamie in all the ways he can. It's not pleasant and it doesn't need recapping.

When Claire tries to set his hand, Jamie gives to her the same responses he gave to Randall. That's hardly a positive sign. The graphic nature of the repair of the hand seemed over the top and unnecessary, but it's apparently the path Outlander has chosen to take. After surgery, Claire finally lets loose and even vomits, she's so stressed and sickened by what she had to do. 

When a monk asks Claire if she wants to confess, she tells him everything. Everything. She finally ends with believing it's all her fault. He looks pensive and believes her story is marvelous, extraordinary and a miracle. He forgives her all her sins, whatever they may be. It was probably one of the most beautiful moments of the series.

Jamie doesn't want to be saved, but Claire isn't giving up. The men are worried he isn't eating. Murtagh decided to chat with Jamie Gaelic and we have no idea what they're saying, but it sends Jamie back into another memory of his time with Randall.

Randall is taunting Jamie, wondering if he's reached his limit yet. This time, when Randall asks, "What should I do with you," Jamie sees her face and Randall wonders what her secret is. When Randall asks if Jamie is his, again Jamie sees Claire and Jamie tells Randall he belongs only to him. The way Randall cockily stretches and cracks his back is disgusting. He takes a knife to a flame ad you know a brand is coming. That and you can also see other men in the prison walls, meaning they are doing this all in front of others. WTF?

Randall wants Jamie to show him he's his by branding himself. Jamie does it. Now, Jamie recalls the branding, reaching at his side.

Willie has searched for the redcoats and together with the men, Claire makes a plan. They'll boat for France and members of the Fraser clan. Willie goes to tell Jamie the news. Jamie wants Willie's blade so he can kill himself. Willie leaves in distress. Claire seeks out Murtagh with the news, and we discover that's what they were talking about in Gaelic. Claire doesn't understand why he wants to die so badly. No, torture and rape isn't enough.

Murtagh offeres that if it comes to the point when it's past the point of healing, he'll do the job himself and Claire collapses. When she wakes up, she is holding her stomach. The monk thinks he needs to be led back into the light and Murtagh thinks the only way to save Jamie is for someone to step into the darkness with him. Cut to Claire smooshing up herbs and making a special brew. It's oil of lavender. She holds it under his nose and says it only responds to strength. They begin to fight. As they scream, she rips away his shift and sees the brand. That's when he tells her he branded himself. He doesn't want to be touched. He tells her Randall didn't just use force to get what he wanted from Jamie. He made love to him. 

We see Randall rubbing Jamie with oil of lavender, rubbing his nipples, telling him to think of Claire, think of his wife. While Jamie is rubbing himself, Randall rubs himself with oil and asks Jamie to wait for him. He then climbs behind Jamie, uttering Claire's here after he's taken his hair down. Randall becomes happy to hear himself called Claire as Jamie comes ad Randall almost reaches some special place. When it's over, Jamie falls apart. 

Jamie tells Claire he couldn't help himself, because it felt so good not to be in pain. Claire assures him she forgives him, as there is nothing to forgive. Jamie cannot be her husband any longer because Randall broke him. He's wrong. They belong to each other and nothing will ever change that. She promises if he takes away the last thing that makes sense, she will die with him right now. 

Murtagh cuts off the brand and Jamie throws it into the fire. The men see them off at the ocean, being as disgusting as always. They head toward the Cristobel and are on board, making their way to France. Jamie is surprised that Claire is seasick, as he thought he would be the one to be. He teases her a bit, and she's happy he's regaining his sense of humor. 

Jamie promises Claire they're going back to Scotland at some point. She reminds him about the future that is ahead. She thinks maybe they should give changing the future a go. For some reason, Claire was afraid to tell Jamie she was pregnant. It's the one things that finally makes him happy, something he never thought he'd be able to say again. 

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Outlander Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Claire: Jamie, talk to me. What did Randall do to you?
Jamie: Too much. And not enough.

I've no doubt you can mend his body, but there are other wounds not so easily dealt with. His soul, I'm afraid, is in turmoil.