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It's 1968 and someone is watching the Avengers in the library with the children instead of toasting their father at his wake. The reverend. Claire is there. She looks so different.

His name is Roger Wakefield. Claire's daughter is there, Brianna. Claire is now a surgeon. They live in the states. Boston. Brianna is studying history in Harvard.

Claire goes off to look around while Roger and Brianna chat. There is a gal named Fiona who interrupts. It's time to say goodbye to some guests.

Roger asks Claire and Brianna to stay the night. So long as they're no bother, Claire says. Roger can barely keep his feet in one place while he runs for their bags.

Claire only learns now that Roger is a MacKenzie, adopted by the reverend after his parents were killed in WWII.

Claire recalls the day of Culloden. She had an idea. One last possibility.

Brianna and Roger are seeing the sites around Scotland. He takes her to Fort William. It's a tourist location now, there are lots of others around, complete with plaques. Brianna has been to Fort Ticonderoga. My father took me there, too.

Brianna uses a Scottish accent and Roger laughs. She asks Roger about Frank. She says he was the kindest man in the world. Her mother, though, lives in another world.

When Brianna is near the flogging station at Fort William, Brianna feels chilled and it's beyond the norm.

Claire hereself is doing some sightseeing, as well. She visits Lallybroch, which is abandoned and boarded up.

She remembers again Culloden. She wanted to kill Prince Charles just as Colum died. Jamie was surprised at the news of Colum, but didn't outright say no, either.

Roger and Brianna continue talking about what he knew of her parents. She once looked at Frank's lockbox and saw a letter from Roger's father that referenced "the incident." Roger suggests they look at his father's journals.

Claire goes to find out about the Lallybroch deed. The one going back the farthest has her name on it. She also wants a geniologicl search on Roger.

Claire can't believe when Brianna says they went to Fort William. Then the line of questioning goes to whether or not she ever loved Brianna's "father." It's upsetting.

In her memories, Claire recalls Dougal overhearing her and Jamie talking about killing the prince. Dougal calls her a whoring scheming wench.

Brianna and Roger arrive at Oxford, and while Roger goes to get his father's journals, Brianna stumbles upon Geillis. She's talking about Bonney Prince Charlie. You are Prince Charlie, I am...and she get the crowd roaring. Always a Jacobite. Brianna goes over to talk.

Claire is at Culloden, speaking with the visitors with great knowledge. She finds a dragonfly in amber and recalls, again, the conversation with Dougal.

The conversation turns into an argument and then a sword fight in which Jamie is fighting to protect first Claire's life and then his own. It is Claire, though, who ultimately kills Dougal with Jamie's hands.

Brianna and Roger and discovering Frank stopped his inquest into Black Jack, who wasn't who he thought he was. She's surprised.

Claire is on the battlefield by the rock marking Clan Fraser. She thinks Jamie is there. It's the first time she's been back. It's the first time she's talking to him about Brianna.

Brianna and Roger find news about "the incident." She accosts Claire about her birth father and thus begins the story of the truth, as hard as it is to tell and understand.

It's only with Roger's intervention that Brianna will sit and listen to Claire's side of the story. She just told him she wanted the truth, no matter what.

Claire recalls signing the deed of Lallybroch to his nephew. They did it right after they killed Dougal.

After hearing the story of her birth, Brianna cannot stand it. She wonders how long it has taken for Claire to cook up that story. The whole time, Roger looks on, seeming to understand. Does he?

Jamie sends Fergus off with the deed to Lallybroch. They're saying goodbye, but not before the two of them tell the boy they love him like their own son. Finally.

Roger does believe Claire. At a nearby pub, he's trying to be pragmatic.

Claire finds the leaflet from Gillian Edgars. Geillis is here, a younger version of her, but this is the year she goes through the stones. For some inexplicable reason, Claire goes to visit.

Claire meets her husband, Greg, but it's been weeks since Gillian has been home. It's like she just disappeared.

Claire looks at Gilly's notebook. It has drawings of the stones. Gillian is at the pub, though, saying hello to Brianna. She's leaving to further the cause.

Gillian's notebook, however, shows she's been studying time travel and it even includes a sacrifice. Knowing she ends her life in Scotland burned at the stake, Claire must try to stop her.

Claire is recalling Jamie trying to stop the battle, guiding Claire to safety.

Brianna doesn't believe in time travel, but she does want to know more about Jamie Fraser.

Roger finds out he's seven generations removed from Geillis and Dougal. Their child was given to other family members to raise.

He wants to try to give her a heads up. when they get there, she has just burned her husband's body and steps through the stone.

In the past, Jamie is making Claire follow through on her part of the promise. He knows she's pregnant and she needs to go back through the stones. She wants Jamie to go back with her. He says he hears no buzzing. His destiny lies on Culloden Moor. He promises to find her. T

hey passionately fall before the stone and have sex just as the shooting starts. She takes out the dragonfly in amber and gives it to Jamie. Keep it with you always. He gives to her a ring for the bairn, for when "he's" old enough.

Brianna and Claire talk. Brianna understands it all now. No more lies.

Roger called the police, but it will be a while before they arrive. After her chat with her mom, Brianna urges Roger to now tell Claire what he learned in his father's letters.

Claire learns Jamie didn't die at Culloden and gazes longingly at the stones as the sun rises. She has to go back.

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Roger: Can I ask you something? How do you do it? Finally say goodbye to that one person you loved most in all the world?
Claire: Truth is, I've never been very good at saying goodbye. But that's the hell of it, isn't it? Whether you want to say goodbye or not, they're gone and you have to go on living without them. Because that's what they would want.

Mrs. Graham had warned me not to chase ghosts, and so I hadn't. But now that I was here, the ghosts were starting to chase me.