Triumphant Performance - P-Valley
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Hailey informs Montavious his money is in a bank. She's a former corporate accountant. She promises to take him to the money. Miss Mississippi and L'il Murda take the stage. The record-company rep LeRon arrives. Murda unveils his new anthem to Keyshawn. LeRon will only talk business with Murda if Keyshawn comes along, which angers Derrick. Clifford sends Big L to deal with Hailey going topless. Instead Big L picks up a load of oxy from Duffy. A fat kid brings Hailey's poster to Mercedes from Mane. She realizes who Montavious is then rushes to find help. Murda blows off Clifford for negotiations with LeRon. Mercedes forces her way in to the Paradise Room. Clifford is upset by Murda's brush-off. He sees what's happening in the Paradise Room and sends Diamond. Murda comes to apologize but Clifford sends him away. LeRon just wants Keyshawn, not Murda. Derrick threatens Keyshawn. Mercedes breaks a bottle and swings at Montavious but he soon has control of her. Hailey admits the money is at the club. He holds Mercedes hostage while Hailey goes after it. Her gun is gone. Hailey starts to run away. Mercedes realizes that Montavious is after Hailey, not the money. Diamond and Derrick brawl in the bathroom. Clifford spies Montavious threatening Mercedes and grabs a gun. Hailey returns with the money. Derrick and Diamond struggle over Derrick's gun, which fires two shots. The club empties out. Mercedes and Hailey battle a distracted Montavious, then Clifford busts in.  Keyshawn holds Hailey's gun on Diamond to save Derrick. Ernestine and Clifford go to The Pynk's funeral. Patrice ignores Mercedes's pain. Hailey bids against Andre for The Pynk and wins it for $250,000. She and Clifford are now partners. Clifford assures a shocked Mercedes that "it's took care of," meaning Montavious's body.


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P-Valley Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Big L: Diamond, ain't nothing poppin' off tonight with you at the door.
Diamond: Better not be. It smells like rain.

Hailey: They always under-estimate how smart the pretty girls are.
Montavious: Yeah. You pretty-ass bitches can get away with murder.
Hailey: Almost.