Planning Future - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7
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Ernestine flashes back to when she was the featured singer at Ernestine's Juke Joint, the previous incarnation of The Pynk. Clifford informs Autumn about the history of The Pynk. Autumn is looking to the future. She tells Clifford that Promised Land has offered $5 million and she turned it down. She's holding out for $10 million. Terrika is staying with Mercedes while Shelle attempts to get herself right. Mercedes presses Terrika about her plans for her pregnancy. While processing Big Teak's suicide, Lil Murda is staying with Clifford and helping with sick Ernestine. At the grocery store, Autumn encourages Keyshawn to leave Derrick. Mercedes wants to take Terrika to a women's clinic in Jackson. Clifford and Murda talk about being gay. Ernestine wanders off. Mercedes and Terrika debate the reality of starting a family at a young age. Clifford and Murda finds items of Ernestine's clothing. Mercedes and Terrika must walk a gauntlet of protestors at the clinic. Clifford and Murda catch Ernestine before she steps into the Mississippi, as she says she's going to see Buelah, her dead daugher and Clifford's mother. Mercedes wrestles with the concept of becoming a grandmother at 30. Ernestine is taken away by ambulance, convinced she won't be returning. Mercedes sees Patrice when she looks in a mirror. Mercedes admits that Patrice made her have Terrika. Clifford cries in the shower. Clifford and Murda end up in bed together. Mercedes lets Terrika drive, either home to Chucalissa or to Jackson for an abortion. Terrika chooses Jackson. Autumn stops by to visit Keyshawn. Autumn calms down Keyshawn's fussy daughter Regal. Autumn tells Regal her story in the form of a fairy tale, hoping to inspire Keyshawn. The gift Autumn brought is a burner phone with her number programmed into it for when Keyshawn is ready to leave. 

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P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

History is important, yes, but so is the future.

Autumn [to Clifford]

Autumn: I thought you ghosted me.
Uncle Clifford: Child, I'm the last ghost you need to be worried about in this here building.