The Pynk Reopens - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 9
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Dancers from The Pynk film a political ad endorsing Andre. Patrice rides a pole on the back of a truck. She shoots Corbin's bribe money into the crowd. Uncle Clifford and Murda attempt to figure out what's next for them. It's both Election Day and the grand reopening of The Pynk. Keyshawn is ready to make her escape after the reopening. Diamond and Keyshawn manage a civil conversation which is interrupted by Big Bone. Mercedes's shoulder doesn't hold up through rehearsal and she storms out. Keyshawn realizes that others know about her escape plan. Mercedes drinks in Farrah's photos of her at a gallery exhibition. Autumn gets nauseous and vomits. Clifford gets the capacity limit raised to 75 percent by letting the inspector in free and throwing in Big L. Murda invites his fans to The Pynk. He arrives accompanied by rapper Tina Snow. Clifford tossed out Joy, who he blamed for giving Ernestine Covid. Roulette recruits Joy as one of her prostitutes. Corbin pays Clifford $250,000 to whip him in the Paradise Room. Duffy pleasures Roulette backstage. Andre opens the evening by firing up the crowd. Andre asks Autumn if she's thought about staying in Chucalissa. Tina raps during the opening number featuring Keyshawn, Whisper, and Roulette. Murda joins in. Mercedes realizes that this might be Keyshawn's last dance. A fight breaks out and spills onto the stage. Diamond rescues Keyshawn, who is curled up in a ball on stage. They kiss and are seen by Big Bone. After arguing with Murda, Clifford kicks a box and discovers Big L's oxy. Andre's wife Brittany catches him and Autumn making out. Clifford confronts Big L, who quits when Clifford tries to fire him. Mercedes and Murda contemplate how their lives have changed. Clifford says goodbye to Keyshawn. 

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P-Valley Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Mercedes must get it from her momma.


Andre: Blame my rise in the polls for the passion I have for my hometown.
Newscaster: Or perhaps that stripper magic.