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Ashley Greene guest stars here as an ex of Ted's, while Kate has difficult with her latest mission.

Dean and Colette call in sick while he teaches her to fly in a crop duster.

Maggie's Ban the Bomb friend talks her into a first class seat so he can harass congressmen on their way to the World Atomic Symposium.

The pilot covering for Dean is a lewd womanizer.

Kate tries to disengage from her role with the CIA, but it's not as easy as it was to get in.

Maggie sets the hotel on fire when burning the congressman's speech.

Kate needs to use a gun.



Pan Am
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Pan Am Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Colette: I cannot believe we are hooking.
Dean: You mean playing hookey. What you said is something else entirely.

Colette: Is this how it works? You kiss a girl once and you become her chauffeur?
Dean: You kissed me.