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Dean and Colette's budding romance suffers from a big blow this week, on the first Pan Am episode of 2012.

Maggie is being perused by Congressman Rawlings.

Bridget comes out of hiding, hoping to get her job back at Pan Am and rekindle her relationship with Dean.

Mike gives Maggie some articles to read to help her get a better handle on how to engage readers.

Laura is trying her hand at being a photographer.

Bridget asks Colette to intervene with Dean, giving her the opportunity to speak to Dean to explain her situation.

Kate has to take a polygraph about the shooting in order for them to relieve her of her service.

Ted has a wildly successful date with his old girlfriend, Amanda, and decides to ask her to marry.

Bridget tells Dean the truth about her past, that she was a spy with MI6.

Ted buys Laura a camera as a thank you for talking sense into him.


Pan Am
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Pan Am Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Laura: I have to photo one beautiful face and unusual one.
Ted: Who's the other subject?
Laura: Maggie.
Ted: Oh. Good. For a second there, I thought I was the weirdo one.

I heard you can strangle Republicans with them so I thought I should invest in a pair.