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Hank and Sarah run into Mark Cyr at Ruby's school while tensions between Dylan and Max cause problems at school. 

Dylan talks to Kristina at school because she cannot be partners with Max anymore. He's stalking her, but Kristina doesn't step in at Dylan's request.

Ruby is excited her friend has the flu because as the understudy, she becomes Sandy in Grease.

Like the spaz he is, Hank didn't think twice when Sandy didn't think to include Sarah for a ticket purchase.

Drew picks up Zeek and Camille is worried they're going to get burgers.

Chris asks Julia to keep lunch open tomorrow for the boss. She's going to lunch with Joel. Chris says she doesn't owe Joel anything.

Zeek is trying to plan a trip for him and Millie to France. 

At the play, Mark introduces the play. He spots Sarah in the crowd and stumbles with his words.

At parent teacher night, Max practically assaults Dylan but Kristina calls it a misunderstanding.

Sara makes eyes at Mark, the "hot" (according to Sandy) English teacher.

Adam and Kristina make a terrible fuss in front of all the parents and Dylan's parents want to pull her from school.

Hank wants Sarah to go to the play the second night. He's learning to communicate what's important to him and he wants Sarah and Ruby in each other's lives. She says she wants to go, but it's the most implausible smile in return.

Joel takes Julia to "their restaurant."

Kristina wants to make sure she feels protected and secure and apologizes. She hopes she can talk to Dylan's parents about keeping her in school. She promises Dylan they'll fix this.

Zeek is so excited to book the trip, but Drew can't. 

Julia and Chris talk and Chris gives up.

Adam and Kristina talk to Max, to apologize for not being clear on the number scale. Nothing they say makes any sense and if Max is as confused as I am, God bless him.

Sandy is absolutely ecstatic about Ruby's role in the play, but last minute Mark delivers bad news that Savannah wants to go on. Sandy takes Hank to talk with Ruby leaving Mark and Sarah together.

Julia tells her mom Joel is making it too hard to cut the cord with him. Julia has taken so long to get to be OK without him and he chooses now. She doesn't think she can forgive him.

Sarah and Mark talk about her life and she says Amber will have a baby in just about six weeks, but refuses to use the grandmother word. Mark says that's just ahead of his wife. Awkward all around.

Zeek is angry about the trip. When Millie challenges him, he shares what he was going to do in France. She's shocked. She still wants to go. She likes it better this way, since they can look forward to it together. She looks up the town on her tablet and is stunned by the beauty of it.

Back at home, Sarah and Hank talk about their past. Hank wants to know if she's happy. He knows he has a lot of baggage and he's weird. Does she think her life would be better or simpler if she had chosen Mark?

Before she gets to answer if this is the place she really wants to be, Sandy and Ruby barge in.

Kristina, Adam and Max go to Dylan's house to address the concerns. Max agrees to apologize to Dylan only if she wants to meet him out of her own free will. If not, he'll apologize to them. Dylan wants to come up.

He goes above and beyond by promising never to go near her again in any capacity. To keep Dylan from changing schools in the middle of the school year, her parents agree to reevaluate at the end of the year.

Sarah tells Hank there is nowhere she would rather be.

Julia goes to Joel's -- divorce papers in hand. She signs them and he moves in for a kiss.

At 3:16 am, Zeek asks Camille to call an ambulance. 

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Julia: No. Just, I wanted to tell you that I'm having lunch with Joel tomorrow.
Chris: OK.
Julia: He's been pushing and I just feel like...I owe him this much.
Chris: Alright. Well, you don't, actually. You don't owe him anything, but you're being the bigger person and I can respect that.
Julia: Yeah, I think it will help to give him closure and then we can both finally sign these papers. And move on. He's been dragging his feet and...
Chris: You?

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It doesn't matter what happened with Ed because I am the one that walked out. I walked out on you and I walked out on our kids. You know I took a vow to you, I took a vow when we got married, that I would, that I would uphold our marriage in good times and bad. I know that. And I failed. I failed you. And I felt such shame, Julia. I mean I felt like I didn't even deserve to be in your life anymore. But so long as you're my wife, so long as we're still married, I am going to do everything in my power to uphold those vows. I love you so much. I have never stopped loving you and I am going to honor you for the rest of my days. If you'll have me.