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Victor wins out over his fears. Sarah responds to Hank. 

Victor wins an essay contest at school.

Ryan's mother shows up to the hospital but she knows nothing of Amber.

School's out for summer and Natalie is going back to Portland. Drew has an open invitation to visit.

Amber and Ryan's mom are not getting along well.

Haddie and her "super awesome best friend" talk about their relationship.

Max walks in on Haddie kissing her super awesome best friend.

Crosby and Adam act like little boys in their childhood home.

Amber hugs Hank and thanks him.

Crosby and Adam bobsled down the Braverman stairs one last time.

Haddie tries to explain Lauren to Adam but doesn't quite do it like she intended.

Zeek tells Drew there will be a reward for the best mover.

Amber meets with Ryan's mom at the hotel and things go swimmingly. She learns he's been discharged from the army.

Max shares what he saw Haddie and Lauren doing with Kristina.

Victor reads his essay to the school and it's all about The Pontiac.

Hank wants to talk about the big tomato in the room.

Sarah admits to Hank that Asperger's worries her because he can't look at her and she's a communicator. Trying again wouldn't be a small thing, it would be a big thing and risking everything would be all that.

Ryan is going back with his mother because he has no other options. He wants to face his new future without worrying Amber. They make out.

After a really special day with Victor's speech Sydney freaks out and begs Joel not to leave. He stays to put her to bed.

Amber says goodbye to Ryan.

Joel tells Sydney a bedtime story about the night of her birth. Part of the story is how Julia told the anesthesiologist she loved him. 

Drew wins the best mover prize. The Pontiac had always been for Drew and he accepts the gift with tears in his eyes. 

Kristina goes in to tell Haddie that she supports her no matter what and Haddie guesses that Max talked to her. Kristina tells her she would never be upset with her for following her heart. Ever.

Lauren tells Adam she loves Haddie and that she's really amazing and bells go off in his head.

Amber buys a pregnancy test.

Zeek finds a bat and glove and plays "pepper" with Adam and Crosby.

Sarah goes to Hanks studio and hisses him. 

Camille and Zeek have one last dance in their house.

Drew drives to Portland to see Natalie.

A big Braverman dinner ends the season as always. Joel wasn't at the dinner and Amber was drinking water.





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