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After the mayor's dog gets bitten by Fairway Frank, Leslie is given the task of capturing the possum.  Leslie sets up a task force that consists of Tom, Andy, and two burnout members of animal control.  Andy ends up tackling the possum, becoming the town hero.  He uses the interview  as a chance to win back Ann, upsetting April.  An upset April, who's housesitting for Ann, decides to team up with Leslie, who now believes she may have capture the wrong possum when she finds out Frank is going to be executed. 

The two ladies hide the possum in Ann's house and while April is watching the animal, it escapes.  During the chaos, April admits she likes Andy to Leslie.  Hey, at least someone on the show realizes.  In the end, Leslie gets the possum put in the Pawnee zoo and Andy apologizes to April and shows that he used the interview to actually thank April.

Meanwhile, when Ron asks Mark to approve his new changes to the work shed, everyone's favorite city planner comes by for an inspection and finds ton of code violations.  Even though Ron is a dick about it, Mark decides to take a half day and help Ron fix the code violations.  Ron rewards him with a kick ass canoe the planner never wanted.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Coffee is my favorite non-alcoholic hot drink, except for hot tea. And hot orange juice. Weirdly delicious.


It's a robot bear! It's programmed to snuggle.