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Ann gets distressed this week over the fact that Chris is heading back to Indianapolis in a few weeks, but has not invited her to move there with him. The problem worsens when he does extend an invite to April because he wants to help motivate her professionals.

Ben also makes strides in Pawnee, making many awkward impressions on the police chief, but eventually getting him to agree to supply the Harvest Festival with as many officers as it needs. The chief says he'll do anything for Leslie because all of her plans/schemes have the best interests of others in mind.

It's clear Ben's feelings for Leslie are growing stronger, as the episode ends with these two getting dinner together.

That's exciting and all, but this half hour belonged to Ron and Tammy. After the former was dumped by Wendy (she's moving to Canada and, no, he doesn't want to join her there), he got caught up again with his ex-wife because Tom brought her to a party to make Ron jealous.

The result was a night of debauchery that landed Ron and Tammy in jail, resulted in him getting cornrows and acting like enough of an insane fool that the parks department staged an intervention because the ex-couple actually got married again in a drunken haze.

It took Tom crashing the bridal party, and telling Ron that Tammy admitted to him that her only goal was to play with Ron's head, for Ron to snap out of it. After Tammy finished beating brutally on Tom, Ron stepped in, picked up his fallen friend and once again walked out on his wife.

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Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

My ex-wife Tammy likes to check in every so often and make sure I'm doing OK. And if I am, she tries to [expletive] everything up.


Jack Cooper: It appears you have an overdue book.
Ron: Oh, do I?
Jack Cooper: It's Not the Size of the Boat: Embracing Life with a Micropenis.
Ron: Tammy.