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This episode of Parks and Recreation is all about hyping up the Harvest Festival.

But things quickly take a turn for the troubling when Ben is asked on a radio program to explain how he bankrupted a town a an 18-year old mayor. This leads to many more examples of Ben flubbing lines on air and panicking, threatening to derail the entire Festival.

Fortunately, Leslie pushes him through on the pair's final talk show appearance and callers seem actually excited about the upcoming event.


- Andy agrees to do everything April hates for a month in order to win her back. It works, as he almost gets arrested at one point, Ron gives April a nice pep talk and he ends up kissing Andy before the half hour is through.

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Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm going to type every word I know! Rectangle. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole.


Took her home. Polished her up. Bought a brand new ribbon off of electronic bay dot com.