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Leslie celebrates her one year anniversary in office and asks the people of Pawnee how their lives have changed for the better in the last year while she was in office. As it turns out, everyone in the town seems upset at how they've suffered while Leslie's been in office and they've organized a campaign to recall Leslie. Leslie goes to the press and tells her town to bring it on.

Meanwhile, Andy found a pregnancy test in Ron's cabin and puts on his Burt Macklin hat to sniff out who's having the baby. He automatically eliminates April, who he assumes would tell him. After he figures out it's not Ann, Donna, Leslie, Mona Lisa, or April, Andy talks to Ron and they both realize Ron's girlfriend Diane is pregnant.

Tom's business is booming and a lawyer with an interested client offers to buy him out. Tom considers it, but ends up going with Ron's advice to keep his business going because it's doing so well. The lawyer tells Tom that because Tom rejected the offer, his client will now be opening an imitation Rent-A-Swag across the street from his business.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm boreddddd. Let's go have sex in a tree. He'll be back in 8 minutes.

Mona Lisa

I like the rain and the fish markets.