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Chris and Ann get ready to have a baby together, but when Chris is called upon to make his donation right away, both him and Ann put it off in order to read more pamphlets. They end up having sex, but then discuss the real priority: have a baby. In the end, they kiss.

Ben and Leslie each agree to take a day off to spend time together, but this is interrupted by Jerry's announcement that he is retiring. Leslie does her best to make Jerry feel valued including making him a scrapbook, helping him to accomplish some of his initial goals at the Parks department, and showing up for breakfast with Jerry's family. Jerry thanks Leslie, but tells her his proudest accomplishment is his family and he loves coming home to them.

Tom is initially happy that Jerry is leaving until Ron announces that since Jerry is leaving, another Jerry-type will emerge in his place. When Tom fumbles some words in a meeting, April declares that Tom is the new Jerry. Tom does his best to deflect the teasing and turns to Ron for help. Tom tells Ron to hire an intern, but the intern Ron hires is too cool and Tom remains the Jerry in the office until Ron hires Jerry back for an hour or so a week to replace the intern. Tom is grateful.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

As much as we want this to happen, we can't just let Jerry disappear!


Every memory deserves to be chronicled! Even the saggy ones.