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In tonight's episode, Ben decides to go back to accounting and take his old job back, but before he does, Tom asks for his business expertise.  Along the way, Ben is offered a number of great jobs while Tom looks on, awestruck that Ben's skills are so desired. Ben again decides that accounting is the boring choice, and while it's riskier for Ben to take one of the other job offers, he decides to do it anyway. 

Meanwhile, Andy plays crime scene investigator when his computer is taken. When he encounters a real police officer, he's disappointed to find out that most of his future work will have to do with taking down information, which is not nearly as appealing to Andy as finding criminals.  Chris recognizes this and offers him a part-time security officer job so that Andy can decide if police work is what he really wants to do..

April and Leslie are fighting because April wants to use an Lot 48 for a dog park, whereas Leslie wants to keep the park for general use, as she's been fighting for for years.  The two battle it out until one councilman forces them to work together so their ideas could be heard.  In the end, both Leslie and April win, forcing the city council to examine both Leslie and April's park proposals. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

[to Joe Biden] You're my...my name just came out of your mouth!


Leslie: 2020.
Ben: Uh. that's a stretch.
Leslie: Fine. 2024. I take the West Wing, you take the East. You can be the First Gentleman.