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Ron gets sued by Councilman Jamm for physical and emotional damages after Ron punched him at the face at Ben and Leslie's wedding. Ron opts to defend himself and April, Andy, and Tom serve as character witnesses. April and Tom lie on Ron's behalf until he makes them recant their testimony, which puts Ron right where Jamm wants him. April, Andy, and Tom end up confronting Jamm and Tom pretends Jamm injured him and threatens to sue. Jamm agrees to drop the suit.

Leslie and Ben travel to Ben's hometown, Partridge, Minnesota for a ceremony honoring Ben and giving him a key to the city. Ben has anxiety about returning to the town because when he was mayor he ruined the town's finances and economy by investing in Ice Town. On the day of the ceremony, Ben ends up with kidney stones and Leslie goes to accept the key on behalf of Ben. It turns out the town was just inviting Ben there to make fun of him and not really give him a key. Leslie stuck up for her husband and then stole the actual key when her and Ben confronted the mayor about the whole situation. Ben threw it in the lake and him and Leslie were practically chased out of Partridge.

Chris and Ann take compatibility tests to determine whether they should co-parent the child Ann wants. When they start failing all the compatibility tests, Chris comes up with his own. He wants to know if Ann will love and support the baby and when they both agree on this, they agree to continue the process of becoming parents.

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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

I'll represent myself as I do in all legal matters and livestock auctions.


We should sue Jamm's parents for spawning a human turd burger.