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Ann works to throw Leslie a bachelorette party and Chris throws Ben a boys game night bachelor party before he gets married. Ann's party includes lots of penis shaped things and a stripper having to do with politicians, just like Leslie has dreamt, but Leslie can't focus on Babe Lincoln because she knows her park is in trouble. 

All of the men are working to throw Ben an amazing bachelor party but he maintains that all he wants is to play a board game with them. Tom suggests they go to a bar where they figure out that none of them have ever gotten the bachelor parties that they've wanted. Each gets a turn celebrating their own best version of a bachelor party including a stop at an ice cream shop, the Colts stadium, and a restaurant with the best meat possible.

Meanwhile, at the office, Leslie is still working on getting her park in and work with Ken, a representative of the Wamapoke people. She ends up throwing Wamapoke artifacts into the park in order to make sure Councilman Jamm doesn't turn her park space into a Paunch Burger and quickly realizes that was a mistake in the middle of her bachelorette party. She recruits all of her friends to help her find the artifacts and bring them back where they belong. 

The next day, however, they are found at the park and the Paunch Burger construction cannot proceed. Leslie is thrilled, but knows she went about this the wrong way. She confesses to Ken and is ready to tell Councilman Jamm when Ken decides to protect Leslie and threatens Councilman Jamm by telling him he'll close all the Paunch Burgers on his casino if he builds on this small park. Jamm backs down and Leslie is grateful. 

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

The game is Settlers of Catan. The object is be the first to build a civilization on this fictional island.


Anything that can be penis shaped, will be penis shaped!