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Ron wins an award for woodworking and Leslie insists on accompanying Ron and Diane to the awards banquet. Leslie questions Diane and finds her to be acceptable for Ron. She tells Ron she approves, and that's when Tammy shows up. Tammy comes after Ron in her usual sexually aggressive way, but it's Leslie who is the real threat to Diane's relationship.

Leslie tells Ron what Diane thinks and Ron goes after her and sends Leslie to distract Tammy. Leslie and Tammy fight one another and Ron shares one of his most intimate secrets with Diane: his Duke Silver alter ego.

Meanwhile, Tom, April, Andy, and Donna decide to go to dinner with money they've collected over the year because of Jerry doing something funny or humiliating. When Donna feels guilty about this, they go to Jerry's house and realize Jerry is having a holiday party and didn't invite them. Ben and Chris meet Jerry's wife and are both shocked at her beauty.  

Soon, Tom figures out that they were invited to Jerry's Christmas party, but didn't realize it because they have all of their emails from Jerry filtered into another folder. They see a different side of Jerry, one that sends them nice emails and Christmas party invitations! They end up giving their Jerry Dinner money to Jerry for the hospital bills he incurred over Halloween. 

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

This might be the first time I've ever wanted to attend an event.


Leslie: Merry congratuchristmas!
Ron: What?