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Leslie and the gang meet in their old office to reminisce when a man comes into ask for a swing to be fixed. They deny at first, Leslie convinces everyone to create one last story together and help the man with his swing problem. 

Leslie wishes Donna good luck with her life, and there is a flash forward to 2023 where Donna and Joe are living together in Seattle. Donna is a great realtor, and Joe is busy with the problems at his school. Through April's organization, Donna decides to donate their annual vacation money (that she earns) to open a "Teach Yo Self" program.

In 2019 Craig is found singing in a bar. He gets married to another man and Ron is the best man. 

There is another flash forward to when they are celebrating their anniversary in a futuristic setting, as old men. 

Andy tells Leslie that he'll miss her but she reminds him that her and Ben will be with them in Washington. 

There is a flash forward to 2022 where April and Andy are at their house playacting during Halloween. 

Andy brings up wanting kids and April is clearly hesitant. When they go over to hang out with Leslie and Ben for the night, each of them talk to the other about their issues. April is clearly nervous about so many different aspects of having kids -- she believes that their lives are good as they are. 

April gives birth to a child next Halloween (2023). 

Tom and Leslie share a walk and talk, although Leslie is obviously more into it than Tom. They run into Jean-Ralphio.

By 2022 Jean-Ralphio is trying to fake his own death for an insurance scam with his sister. 

Back in 2019, while Craig is singing in Tom's Bistro, Tom is meeting to see if expanding is viable. 

Tom unexpectedly loses everything, due to no fault of his own. 

He goes onto become a Jordan Belfort-esque motivational speaker and best selling author of "Failure: An American Success Story." 

In present day, Tom and Leslie approach Mayor Gergich, and Jerry helps them out. 

In the future, Gary actually gets written in and wins the election. He goes onto be Mayor 4 times in a row. Then 10 times. Gary goes onto become a 100 -- his wife doesn't look a day older. 

He dies peacefully in his sleep on his 100th Birthday. He gets the highest honor -- 21 stamp salute. They add an extra "r" to Gary's name on his tombstone.

Ron and Leslie fix the swing. In 2022 Ron Swanson becomes the chairman of "Very Good" then resigns immediately. 

Leslie finds Ron a great natural park for Ron to run, and he's speechless.

In present time, Leslie gets hesitant about leaving Pawnee. 

In the future, 2025, her and Ben are at a dinner party at Joe Biden's house.

Leslie might be up for consideration for Governor of Indiana. 

Jen asks Ben if he wants to Governor of Indiana. 

They try to make a pros and cons for each of them running for Governor. They realize that its a great fit for both of them.

Ben surprises Leslie with a reunion in their old office with everyone present -- even Ann and Chris. 

They all reminisce with each other, and Leslie thinks both their kids are falling in love.

Chris and Ann are moving back to Pawnee

Leslie wants to flip a coin to see who runs for Governor, but Ben announces that it's Leslie's position. She wrote about in her kindergarten dream journal.

There is a montage as Leslie has a voiceover about how any work worth doing is work you get to do with the people you love.

After two terms as Governor, Leslie gets a library named after her after she gives a speech at a college. 

In present time, they have a big opening for the swing they fixed, and it obviously isn't that big of a deal for the man that put in the request.

They take one final picture together, and Leslie tells Ben that she's ready for whatever is next. 


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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Andy: I get to push the buttons! I call it!
April: He called it.
Leslie: Yeah I know.

All that coffee and legal marijuana has people wanting to buy houses quickly, and irrationally.