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Pinkerton agent Mr. Roper sneaks into the Cut-Wife's cottage taking Ethan and Vanessa by surprise.

Though he seems to have the upper hand, a fight breaks out and Vanessa manages to subdue the man by stabbing him to death.

Then next morning, as they are burying Mr. Roper a carriage pulls up at the cottage. Victor has come to take them back to London, explaining Sir Malcolm went to face the witches alone and never returned.

Upon arrival at Sir Malcolm's estate, Inspector Rusk greets them. Ethan takes a walk with the inspector, who soon calls him by his true name; Ethan Laurence Talbot. The inspector has tracked down Ethan's military records and informs him he's caught. "Cornered animals are the most dangerous" Ethan warns.

Elsewhere, Sir Malcolm is being tortured by the ghosts of his family. All his regrets have come back to haunt him.

Mr. Lyle confesses his treachery, but assures the group he has chosen their side in this fight. He will suffer the consequences.

At the wax museum, Lavinia Putney lures Mr. Clare to the new section her father had been diligently working on. She quickly locks him in a cell and we learn their plan is to put him on display as part of a freak show. Putney is certain they will make a fortune.

Lily and Dorian grow closer and share some of their deepest secrets. In a shocking move, Lily bites off his ear insisting he go heal himself. When he returns in one piece, the two make passionate love.

Vanessa rushes off to face Evelyn on her own. However, Hecate appears to Ethan in his room. She calls him the "Wolf of God," promising to serve him when he is ready.

At Evelyn's castle, the Nightcomer greets Vanessa who demands the woman release Sir Malcolm. Evelyn leads Ms. Ives to her doll room, where she comes face to face with the fetish that resembles her. It opens its eyes and calls her "murderer."

The others pair off, and while Victor and Mr. Lyle locate Sir Malcolm, Ethan and Sembene find themselves trapped in a stairwell. Ethan knows he can't control his transformation and attempts to shoot himself. However, Sembene tells him he has a more important role to play.

As the moon appears, Ethan transforms and lunges at the defenseless Sembene tearing at his throat.

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm sorry you feel so unloved. You are a beautiful monster, and there are those who could love you and shall. Life awaits you.


Mr. Lyle: I don't for a moment deny my complicity with that evil woman, but you must believe me when I say that's done. And I am willing to suffer the consequences of my disloyalty to her, which are ruinous.
Victor: And now we're to trust you?
Mr. Lyle: I hope I've demonstrated my allegiance to the people in this room. My shame is my own to live with and I shall.
Vanessa: No one here is above guilt Mr. Lyle. We need every ally for the night ahead.