Emily, Sister Alice, Birdy Outside the Church - Perry Mason
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Perry is in the trenches of WWI.

They're getting ready to attack. When they go over the wall, the people are dying all over the place. Perry runs and shoots without much direction.

Back in his present, he's smoking a cigarette on the side of the road contemplating his past.

Perry was waiting for a man to let him into the thread shop so he could investigate the thread that sewed the baby's eyes shut.

Sister Alice is speaking to her people. It's quite the production.

It's New Year's Day.

The church is going to pay for the funeral services for the Dodsons.

Perry is trying to get Pete to work with him again, but the last time they did it, Perry screwed him out of $600.

Paul Drake is attending to a domestic disturbance.

Just after he gets it under control, someone from across the street says Drake has to see something, so he goes off to investigate.

There are dead people inside an apartment. It's the guys the dirty detective killed during the premiere.

Drake may not be a detective, but he's pretty good searching for evidence.

E.B. is representing Matthew Dodson since Matthew's suitcase was found. Dirty detective is the guy running the case.

The suitcase was at the apartment Drake investigated.

E.B. is in over his head. He is all fluffed up. Maynard keeps pushing, and E.B. says the guy is nuts. That's when the police say they know Matthew is Herman Baggerly's son.

Emily freaks out, calling after Matthew as he's dragged away in cuffs to meet the press.

The arrangement for Baggerly is that he would help as long as Matthew joined the church. Baggerly stands up for his son now.

Perry is annoyed that Baggerly kept the secret. Baggerly says that Perry kept a secret, too, because he thought he was a decorated serviceman. He was released with a blue ticket. Perry was called the Butcher of Mon something.

Perry goes to visit Emily, who is on her knees scrubbing the baby's room.

Perry wonders how well she knows her husband.

Perry next visits the neighbor, who has seen a lot inside the Dodson house. Emily talks on the phone all the time. Look, she says, she's at it again.

Perry captures the moment on film.

Perry develops his film, which sends him back into his memories of the war again.

Perry jumps out of the trench shooting, screaming with me! He winds up in another trench and kills everyone in his way.

Next, Perry came across a dude with his entrails out screaming. Perry aimed the gun at him.

Della and E.B. accompany Emily to choose caskets and prepare the funeral.

Emily is hungry. She hasn't eaten since yesterday.

E.B. will handle the affairs, and Della will drive Emily to the nearest diner.

They're accosted outside by reporters.

Dirty detective and the other guy interrogate Paul, seemingly interested in telling him what he can and cannot reveal about what he discovered.

They badger him and toss the race card at his feet.

At the deli, Emily excuses herself to make a call. There is no answer.

Perry was watching her, and he picks up the phone to find out where Emily was calling.

Della is pissed off.

Perry calls a woman named Diane to get the reverse lookup of the number.

E.B. and Maynard chat at their club. Maynard apologizes for his rude behavior earlier. Maynard wants Matthew to sign a confession, and he'll pin the actual murder on one of the dead guys.

But E.B. is ready to fight Maynard. He's lost to the man in the past, but he's ready now. He won't let Maynard get one over on him again.

The church is planning the funeral with seating arrangements.

Sister Alice sits and ponders the baby's death.

Perry knocks on a door under the guise of being a Fuller brush man.

When nobody is home, he breaks into the house.

There is a dead guy in there—Head blown clean off.

Quite gruesome. And even worse when Petty lifts the man's chin with a piece of pencil, discovering something about his teeth. Oh, there is a plate in his mouth.

There is also a suicide note to his side. In the note, he takes responsibility for the murder and says the other two are at the address Paul found.

Paul discusses his job with his wife. He had to change his report because the white guys told him to.

She wonders why he did it if the guy is dumber than a bag of hammers. She knows why

She's heavily pregnant.

Money is burned in the fireplace Perry is investigating.

He turns over an alligator on the top of the fireplace to find letters from Emily to the dead man, who is George.

Emily pounds on the door, even with a cop's gun at his back.

Perry wants to know who George Gannon is. When she begins to lie, Perry reads the letters to her.

Then he tells her George is dead, and she collapses in pain.

Perry thinks Emily was involved. It will get Matthew out of jail. Della isn't a very good assistant. But she's a better attorney, it seems.

Pete found out some info, but E.B. doesn't like the man. They are all arguing.

E.B. doesn't even know to introduce the letters. But he decides to keep them, and he'll decide how to use them.

Sister Alice is preparing for the funeral.

She calls out the men in the front seats. She does beatitudes for the police, the attorneys, the jury, the judge, and the hangman who will snap the devil's neck. Oh lawdy.

Sister Alice locks eyes with Perry when she takes her seat. And her mother wonders, what was that?

As everyone is walking to the cars to go to the cemetery, the police decide to arrest Emily.

The detective tips his hat to Perry, who isn't exactly basking in the moment.

Della is horrified watching her get carted away in a paddy wagon.

Later, Perry is rolling the thread around in his hands. E.B. says it was the right call. But Perry says infidelity is not murder.

E.B. can't see any of it holding even if Emily did do it.

Perry and Paul walk the city streets, which is how we see it's the depression, with homeless people and job boards.

Della takes something to Emily in jail.

Paul revisits the area he'd seen when he found the dead guys. He keeps investigating and finds a plate in a stairwell.

Perry remembers fighting for his life in the trenches again.

When he begins running to safety, he kills all those he sees that will never live.

He does it with a pained look on his face.

Someone finds him killing people and is scared shitless of Perry.


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Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Perry: I don't like it here.
E.B.: We do what we don't like so the greater good gets served. You more than anyone else should know that.

Emily, whoever took your son never meant to hurt him. They just wanted money. And something went horribly wrong.