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  • TJ is in the hospital recovering from his overdose with his family by his side. He wakes up briefly and apologizes to his mother and tells her he wasn't trying to hurt himself.
  • Elaine is working with President Garcetti to save the Chinese submariners. The Chinese threaten to release the nuclear material on the sub. The President sides with Elaine that they can not give into the Chinese pressure. The rescue is successful and the Chinese thank the US for the rescue.
  • Elaine and Bud discuss if they made a mistake in staying in D.C. when TJ started having troubles. Elaine tells Bud about TJ's affair with Reeves and the blackmail.
  • Bud goes to the White House and tells President Garcetti what Vice President Collier did to Senator Reeves. Then punches Collier.
  • Margaret and Anne go to the house to clean up a room for TJ and get rid of any drugs and alcohol. They find marijuana and decide to smoke it. They bond. Margaret calls Anne out for her bulimia and encourages her to talk to Doug.
  • Doug and Susan have an open discussion about their pasts. They get closer and have sex on the plane to San Diego.
Political Animals
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Political Animals Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

But, as a mother, I would do anything to help my son.


Little shit's never gonna learn.