Campfire Fun - Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 5
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Marvin tells a drug customer who comes knocking on the apartment that they aren't open for business that day. Marvin then works on removing the inspector's body from the walls and delivering it to Raq in the trunk of a car.

Raq tells Kanan that they're going to the Catskills for the evening to go camping, and the two head off. And unbeknownst to them, Sal has two of his men, Dominic and Jimmy, following them.

Jukebox realizes that Zisa stole her son and confronts her. Zisa then tells her Lou-Lou gave it to her.

Lou-Lou and Crown go to a radio station to get Zisa's song played, and Crown disrespects Crown during the meeting, leading to a confrontation between the two afterward.

Later, Jukebox confronts Lou-Lou.

Marvin has a coffee with Renée and confides in her about the strain in his relationship with Jukebox.

Marvin tracks Toni to Scarsdale, New York.

Burke interrogates Andrea and threatens her with calling welfare if she doesn't tell her what she knows about Howard. She tells Burke that he has a son he just found out about.

Raq and Kanan settle into their cabin, and later, he goes back to the store and smokes with one of the girls who works there. Dominic confronts them but is scared off by Raq, who narrowly avoided being gunned down in the woods by Jimmy.

Raq warns Kanan about messing around with white girls.

Around the campfire, Raq tells Kanan that he is the heir to the throne if he wants it, and he tells her he does. Raq then brings him into the woods, where they bury the inspector's body.

Famous tells Lou about Jessica and Crown's relationship.

Jukebox visits Kenya at church and sings for the congregation gathered there.

Andrea tells Howard about Burker's interrogation, and he ends their arrangement.

Kanan goes to return the cabin keys, and he and Hanah sneak off into another cabin. Meanwhile, Jimmy goes after Raq, but she gets the upper hand and escapes to the cabin Kanan and Hannah are in after Hannah yells for help as Dominic looks to kill Kanan.

Jimmy arrives and shoots Dominic in the leg before he can shoot Kanan. And Raq brokes a peace treaty, and she and Kanan leave the Catskills.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm a fucked up father. I did some shit she never gonna forgive me for. Shit that she shouldn't probably forgive me for. Not no sex shit, though. Or nothing like that. I ain't a sick motherfucker. I'm just a dumb motherfucker.

Marvin [to Renée]

Crown: I'm tired of you fucking putting your hands on me, Lou.
Lou-Lou: What you gonna do about it, Crown? You know, just because you make gangsta music doesn't make you a gangsta.