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Tommy meets with Soto and Moishe and gives them bricks of dahlia to start moving.

Walter discovers he has stage 1 lung cancer.

Tommy and Liliana discuss bringing in another cook with the high demand for dahlia. Later, he tells Liliana about JP being his brother and wanting him to be the new cook in the lab. It's a job JP accepts.

Claudia approaches Tommy about bringing CBI into the dahlia business, but Tommy resists, as he knows that Diamond and Jenard aren't on the same page and that discord could be bad for business.

Lt. Warshawski approaches Bennigan about his kickbacks from the Flynns. He asks for a cut to keep quiet. And when Vic asks him to find the person behind dahlia, Bennigan asks for a larger cut than usual.

Walter asks Claudia what she's up to, and he promises her that he will find out what she's doing and destroy it. He later asks Vic to find out again what Claudia is doing. Vic tells his father that he plans on taking over the family with Gloria at his side.

Jenard tasks his men with finding out who in the city is moving dahlia.

JP visits Miriam at the hospital after her stroke, but she passes away when he leaves the room for a minute. JP tells Tommy and asks him to call Kate, but he refuses.

Walter summons Tommy to him and offers him a position within the Flynn organization. Tommy declines, and Walter mentions Gloria, which makes him suspicious. He later goes to Vic and gives him the keys to a clean car, begging him to leave town with Gloria fearing that Walter may hurt her.

Claudia goes to Diamond and offers him 10% of dahlia, but he declines.

Paulie warns Walter not to push his kids away. Walter tells Vic to call off the "girlfriend thing," Paulie assures him he never put it on.

Adrienne comes to the barbershop, and Diamond interrogates her over her motives. She admits that she is a reporter, but stresses to him that she would be willing to walk away to protect him.

Tommy and Claudia agree that Claudia shouldn't have to hide in the shadows regarding their business. So, he decides to take the streets while she will stick with the clubs.

Vic asks Gloria to leave town with him, and she says yes.

D-Mack impresses Tommy with his math knowledge, and Tommy thinks he may have a place for him with the business.

When Jenard discovers that the Hasidic Jews are moving the dahlia, he confronts one of them and shoots him before stealing the drugs. Later, Jenard visits the Gary, Indiana crew, and gives them dahlia to try. He tells them to standby and be ready when he calls to come to Chicago and kill anyone who gets in the way of them and that drug.

Vic tells Paulie about Walter's meeting with Tommy, causing Vic to distrust Tommy's motives in warning him about Walter. Taking his own car, Vic and Gloria make their way out of town but are hit by another vehicle. The driver then opens fire on the vehicle, mortally wounding Gloria.

Tommy watches D-Mack from afar, where he hides a box of his possessions. Tommy looks into the box when D-Mack leaves and sees a picture of JP and a young boy.

JP calls Kate.

Power Book IV: Force
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Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Claudia: I'm a little bit uneasy with how much power you have in our operation.
Tommy: Don't mistake power for vision. I ain't your father.
Claudia: You're acting like it.
Tommy: We got a good thing going here, Claud. Don't fuck it up cuz you got your feelings hurt.

JP: Why are you looking at me like that?
Tommy: I'm thinking.
JP: It looks painful.
Tommy: If you only knew.