Facing Off - Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 3
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Diamond meets up with Tommy after the shooting, and Tommy is convinced it was someone from Treason. Tommy then tells Diamond he's going to talk to Jenard.

Tommy visits Jenard and realizes that Jenard wasn't aware of the hit, and tells him that Jenard must kill whoever did it because if he doesn't, Tommy will, and then he'll come for Jenard.

Diamond and Briggs discuss moving product through Southfield Prison, and she agrees to help with the right price.

A rally is held for the death of the young girl killed, and both Treason and CBI attend. It's announced that a task force will be forming to help combat gang violence.

D-Mac and JP talk about their relationship, and why JP never found D-Mac, but they're interrupted by a frantic Tommy, who gives JP a gun to protect himself. When D-Mac also asks for a gun, JP says no and puts it away.

As the task force convenes, Bobby comes in later and pulls Stacy aside to chastise her for prioritizing her job over his by getting his assigned to the case when he asked to be separate from it.

Tommy tells Big Smurf to keep eyes on Jenard and is dismayed to see Mireya leave his text on read.

Kate stops by Tommy's and asks to make amends with him as part of the 12 steps. She says sorry, and Tommy then tells her everything she did wrong when he was a child before Miguel texts him and Diamond to come to the warehouse.

At the barbershop, Diamond cuts Reeves' hair, and he becomes suspicious of Big Smurf when he emerges from the basement.

Walter tells Vic that Claudia changed the passwords to the dialysis, messing up his money, and that Tommy wants to meet with him. Later, they meet with Michael and give him the money for the pills they're still planning to push on the southside, which surprises Vic.

Jenard asks Shanti where Lil K is, and she tells him, but not before warning him that if he takes Lil K out, he will have a mutiny on his hands.

Tommy and Diamond go to Miguel's, and he tells him he found the traitors who hit his trunk and it was his own men. He then freezes one of their hands and smashes it, telling Tommy he wants him to witness what happens to those who betray him.

Afterward, Diamond wants to slow down, worried that Miguel is on to them, but Tommy wants to push forward with their plans at Southfield.

At Southfield, a visitor smuggles drugs to an inmate, with Briggs watching. Later, realizing CBI has moved in, Rojas gets their supply wiped out.

Walter and Tommy meet up, and Tommy asks who killed Liliana. Walter refuses to say, and Tommy wonders why he wouldn't give up who did it, and Walter says he wouldn't give up one of his own.

Claudia returns home to the penthouse to see her safe broken into. She confronts Walter about it, and he admits he did it. He also tells her about the meeting with Tommy and warns her that she'll lose her security if she keeps messing with him.

Bobby goes to Lil K's grandma's help and offers to help Lil K, but she claims not to know where he is, although he's actually inside the house.

Kate attempts to make amends with Kate and asks her why he abandoned her and if it had to do with him being black.

Lil K leaves his grandma's to take out the trash and is met by Jenard, who puts a gun to his head. After his grandma comes out and threatens Jenard, he keeps Lil K alive.

Learning about the raid at Southfield, Diamond arranges for a lawyer friend to meet with Rojas and offer him lower prices to team up with CBI over the Serbs, but he declines.

Kate attends an NA meeting and speaks about her failures as a mother.

Vic calls the police to report a drug deal, stopping Michael's courier from making the drop.

Tommy meets with Claudia and asks her if she killed Liliana. She says no, and he promises to kill her once he confirms it was her.

After leaving Diamond's shop, Leon is roughed up by local teens before Diamond steps in and offers to help him learn how to protect himself.

Bobby finds Lil K and tells him he will die if he doesn't help the police, but he declines.

Briggs takes Rojas to the showers and finds drugs on him. Threatened with a longer sentence, he agrees to work with CBI.

Jenard is surrounded by Serbs while driving, and they tell him Mirković wants his money. They then take Jenard's car, leaving him stranded. Big Smurf, still following Jenard, sees the interaction and tells Tommy.

Tommy confronts Claudia's security guard, and after he fails to tell him if Claudia shot Liliana, he kills him.

Lil K picks up Jenard, and after the two argue, Jenard kills him and dumps his body, unaware that Tommy is watching.

Walter summons Michael, demanding his money back since the drug courier was arrested and they won't get their pills. Michael refuses, and Vic kills him, upsetting Walter.

JP and D-Mac resume talking as JP apologizes for the past and asks him to start over. D-Mac agrees, and once JP leaves, D-Mac takes back the gun JP hid earlier.

Diamond and Tommy go to Miguel to request more product, but he declines.

Bobby finds Lil K's body.

Mireya agrees to meet with Tommy.

Jenard buys drugs and gets high in his car.

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Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Stacy: You're the only one that I can trust.
Bobby: Oh, come on, don't do that. Don't try to make me feel guilty. You prioritized your case over my job. Hell, our marriage, because you got your eye on being mayor.

Diamond: Let me talk to Jenard.
Tommy: I'll talk to him.
Diamond: Now, only if you give me your word you won't escalate shit.
Tommy: Oh, I can be diplomatic. You have my word.