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After the shooting at the nightclub, Red Sneakers makes her getaway, while Ghost phones Angela to cancel their Miami trip. Meanwhile, Tommy has made his way over to Angela's apartment to kill her. After finding the apartment empty, Tommy breaks into a home and attempts to retrieve some money and a gun before getting hit in the head with a bat. 

Unable to reach Tommy after a day or two, Ghost searches for him all over the city but is unsuccessful. When he learns that Lobos has sent him double the product to move, he enlists the help of both Rolla's old crew and Ruiz to help. Tasha also offers to help and they discuss expanding their empire by force. 

In exchange for her help, however, Tasha asks Ghost to stop seeing Angela. Ghost tells Angela that he needs more time to get his finances in order, so they can't be together yet. Though he does assure her that he wants to be with her. 

At work, Angela is demoted and forced off the Lobos task force. However, she has Nomar's cell phone and she begins communicating with Ruiz's daughter in hopes that she can get the sketch of "Ghost" finished. 

Ghost goes before the board to get Truth reopened and he is successful. He soon learns that Simon Stern is his new landlord and he wants Ghost to work for him or Truth may be shut down. 

Ghost pieces together that Tommy has been hiding out at his mothers and the two confront one another. Tommy accuses Ghost of setting him up and selling him out to Angela, but it becomes clear to Tommy that Ghost didn't know about Angela's job. He hands Ghost a gun and tells him to kill Angela. Before they leave, Ghost tells Tommy that Holly was shot and they visit her in the hospital. 

Ghost shows up at Angela's apartment and asks her how her work day was. 

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Power Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Tasha: You okay, Ghost?
Ghost: I'll be better as soon as I find Tommy.

Be right there, Ghost. You wait for me right there.