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After a botched attempt on his life, Lobos gets scared and orders an impromptu meeting with Ghost. 

Tasha asks Ghost what his plan is and he tells her he wants to convince Lobos to disappear. Tasha insists that they kill Lobos instead. Ghost brings this to Tommy, who disagrees. He also preaches to Tommy about the need for them to get out of the business all together.

Using the clone of his phone, Angela follows Ghost who lies about his whereabouts. 

At the meeting with Lobos, he asks Ghost to take on more responsibilities. Lobos can tell Ghost isn't interested and he comes up with a plan to kill Ghost at the meeting to exchange the money. 

Kanan meets with Dre and they discuss how to bring Ghost and Tommy down. They meet with both Ruiz and the Serb and get them, along with Drifty, to align against Ghost. After getting the location of the Lobos meeting Shawn, Kanan plans to confront Lobos there.

Angela pieces together the location of the meeting, which is in contrast to the meeting place the FBI has. She meets with Ghost before and urges him to run away with her, but he declines. 

Angela follows Ghost to the meeting and calls Greg to tell him to bring the FBI there. The FBI arrives and captures Lobos and Tommy, but not Ghost. Ghost does, however, see Angela outside on the street.

Kanan explains to Shawn how Ghost set him up to go to jail and Shawn vows to kill Ghost. 

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Power Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Ghost: What if I could convince him to disappear?
Tasha: Or you make him disappear.
Ghost: I kill Lobos, Tasha, I mean there goes our connect.
Tasha: So you get another one.
Ghost: The blow back could be huge.
Tasha: Only if you get caught. And for the sake of our children, you will not get caught.
Ghost: You damn right I won't get caught.

It's not safe anymore. Once I get my money from Ghost, I'm going to get out.