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Ghost and Tasha meet to discuss his continued relationship with Angela. 

Tommy gets paranoid after Holly leaves and he meets with Julio and decides to move all the cash from the laundry mat to an undisclosed location. When they leave, they are immediately pulled over and the van is searched. The money is in another van, though. 

Angela deposes Greg, as they try to get a judge to grant them a warrant to arrest Tommy. The judge tells them they need proof, which leads Angela to tracking down Holly. She goes to Ghost, who admits that Holly has been traveling under a false identity. 

Dre meets with Ghost and they discuss Kanan. Meanwhile, Shawn and Tasha discuss their future together. 

Ghost meets with Mrs. Stern and gets her assistance in helping to bring Simon Stern down so he can regain control of Truth. 

Tommy plans on killing Angela, but Ghosts tasks Tasha with talking him out of it. 

Once Angela tracks Holly down, Holly insists that she is over Tommy and she lied about James being Ghost. After Angela leaves, it's revealed that Ghost was listening in and he wires Holly more money to stay gone. 

Later, Ghost and Angela spend the night together and Angela sneaks off with his phone. With the help of a mysterious man, she is able to clone his cell phone. 


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Power Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I trust you. It's her I don't trust. She's the problem, G. You've been fucking her this whole time, telling her you're going to leave Tasha. Well, you did. You left Tasha and she's still coming after us. Don't you get it? When you gonna realize you ain't in control of the situation no more. No plan of yours is going to stop until she gets what she fucking wants.


Tommy: You should have let me kill her!
Tasha: No, Ghost says that he needs Angela alive for his plan to work. But as soon as this is over, that bitch is catching a bullet from my gun, not yours.