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Ghost meets with Proctor and asks him to find Lobos. Unable to find him, Proctor reveals to Ghost that his being prosecuted under the John Doe prosecution. 

Ghost gives Tasha a check to give to Tommy. Holly tries to deposit the check but runs in to trouble and she suggest asking Tasha to hel her launder the money now that the laundromats have been sold.

Saxe and Angela both move forward with the Lobos case, while Sandoval struggles to play double agent. 

Angela has Ghost's children over for dinner and while there, Tariq finds a gun in Angela's closet. 

Ghost loses out on a top DJ to a rival nightclub. 


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Power Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Just give me my money so I can get the fuck out of here already.

Tommy [to Tasha]

Proctor: Oh man. You gotta teach whatever it is you know about women because she should hate your breathing guts by now.
Ghost: Well she would, if I keep going to her for information. That's why I need you.