Van's Fantasy - Powerless
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After Emily's ex boyfriend gets engaged, Jackie convinces her to try to get back in the dating game. During their girl's night out with Wendy, Emily meets a sweet guy named Dan. She gives him his number and seems to be smitten with him, then he turns out to be one of the Riddler's henchmen.

Teddy, Ron and Jackie figure out who he is right away. They ponder telling Emily who he really is but decide against it, assuming it will fizzle out.

Meanwhile Van tells Ron and Teddy the story of his hatred for Batman. One night Batman drove by Van and damaged his car. It looks like Van is still bitter and plans to get revenge. 

Once Emily plans to go away with Dan for the season is when her friends clue her in on who she's really dating. 

Van reveals that he plans to be the next Robin to Charm City's Batman. He has a costume all ready and he plans to befriend Batman to then bring up the car incident. While waiting for Batman to arrive, a random guy shows up and Van spills coffee on him, not exactly making a friend out of him. Luckily Batman shows up and they all get to meet him before he disappears again.

And when Emily plans to confront Dan, he shows up with the other henchmen at the office. Jackie and Emily end up tied to a chair while the henchmen raid the office. Just as they are about to take them to the river to get rid of them, Van shows up in his Robin costume and the henchmen think Batman is near so they run off. 

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Powerless Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

She's already stalked the new girl's Facebook page to 2012.


Teddy: Were the orphans okay?
Van: Who cares?