Powerless Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Emily Dates a Henchman

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Dating creates chaos, especially in a superhero scattered city where Tinder profiles probably don't reveal who is or isn't a henchman. 

But can there be an exception for guys who watch Gilmore Girls and play a human/zombie on iZombie

On Powerless Season 1 Episode 4, Emily pushes herself to get back out into the dating world after her ex-boyfriend announces his engagement. Meanwhile, Teddy, Ron, and Van try to meet Batman with one of them trying maybe a little too hard.

Van's Fantasy - Powerless

The show really seems to be creating something for itself. The office relationships are feeling more and more honest, making it much more fun to see all the different kinds of interactions. 

It's also great to see the others looking out for Emily, filling her in on who she was dating when she was getting in too deep. 

They are growing closer at work too, but it might be worth seeing the group outside of the office too. Emily was left alone, and that's how she found herself tricked by Dan. 

It would have been an even more clever twist if Ron and Teddy were there to pick up on this henchmen twist. 

She's already stalked the new girl's Facebook page to 2012.


Now Dan, or Reggie, or Riddler's henchmen #10 was a pleasant surprise.

Maybe I'm just really feeling the Robert Buckley withdrawal?

Anyway, it was entertaining and I wouldn't be opposed to seeing more bad guys roaming around Charm City.

We know there are just as many bad guys as there are good guys, where are they? It's common to run into them so it may be time to bring more familiar names into Emily's life at least.

Emily, in general, continues to be a ray of sunshine. At this point, she probably won't find her one true love, but she could find some almost true loves?

It sounds like Teddy believes in their chemistry so they could give that a try to see what happens.

Teddy: Were the orphans okay?
Van: Who cares?

Teddy and Ron are also wonderful additions to both Emily and Van's journey this time around. 

When will it be their time to shine in some cool costumes? 

It can't be just me who expects those two to suit up at some point, even if it's only for fun.

They are testing products all the time, maybe getting in character will help them get even further at work? Just a thought...

Emily: Hashtag haters.
Wendy: Wait, who are the haters?
Emily: I don't know.

Van as Robin was all kinds of perfect.

There's comedy no matter which character's story is at the forefront, but no one does things like Van.

I wonder if he thought Batman would enlist him as his sidekick, especially after that burger that he swallowed down before he asked Jackie to cut him out of that bright costume.

Although, Van as a super sidekick does create an image worth exploring. He would probably do more harm than good, but it would be worth it.

And maybe he would finally have an opportunity to speak of that bitter Batman experience and get it off his chest.

Now Van makes any interaction jump off the screen. I'm not even sure who I want to see him team up with next.

There's something about Teddy, Ron, and Van all working together but him still finding ways to stand out amongst them.

The picture on the screen is a joke, I'm not really a fan of Gilmore Girls. Unless you are, then I am Team Jess.


What did you think of the episode?

Which character do you want to see more? Is there a particular villain you want to see wreak some havoc in Charm City? We don't see many gadgets, but if we do, what should it be able to do?

Let us know what you think below!

And don't forget to watch Powerless online if haven't caught up with this gem yet.

Emily Dates a Henchman Review

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Powerless Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

She's already stalked the new girl's Facebook page to 2012.


Teddy: Were the orphans okay?
Van: Who cares?