In Need of Cash - Powerless
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Van realizes that someone has used his bathroom, so he becomes determined to find out who it was. He questions Teddy, Ron and Wendy after he finds a superhero magazine in the bathroom. Van tries to punish them all by moving them to another conference room but has no success because they don't mind it, so instead he vows revenge. 

Van interrogates Teddy, Ron and Wendy because he hopes one of them will point the finger at someone else. They end up doubting one another so Ron tells Van that it was him. Except Wendy and Teddy say they took part in it too, demanding Van should punish them all. Except the video footage shows that the magazine was left there when Jackie killed a bee in his bathroom.

Until the janitor is seen deleting footage of everyone in the office using Van's bathroom too.

Emily invites Jackie to go to a self defense class but she doesn't show up last minute. Emily sees Jackie parked in a car and finds out she works for Uber to make some extra money on the side. Emily is worried about Jackie driving strangers around since Crimson Fox has decided to leave Charm City. So she wants the others to pool their money together and give it to Jackie, but first she needs to figure out a way for her not to know who it came from.

She goes to Jackie's daughter's school to give the money to the teacher, only to find out that there is no school trip. Jackie finds out that Emily snooped and gets upset. 

Jackie's car gets hit and Emily shows up because she's her emergency contact. She reveals to Emily that the money is going towards her night classes because she's trying to get her MBA. 


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Powerless Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The Joker is an A list superhero. He wouldn't attack a dump like Charm City.


Oh he's definitely talking about his penis.