The Dream Team Photo - Powerless
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Emily is juggling trying to be a boss who motivates her team to work, and a girl who just wants to make friends with her coworkers. Jackie tells her that she needs to be strict and mean to get her team to work, which she takes to mean that she should report their computer activities to the head of human resources.

Van is unhappy when he doesn't end up in the Wayne Dream Team picture because he was distracted. His plan is to take a picture of himself, photoshop it and then add it to the big poster. 

Instead of the fantasy superhero league website being the only one that gets taken down, the whole internet gets blocked from everyone at the office. Turns out the head of HR needs to look like he is doing significant work, which means he won't be turning it back on.

At first the office believes that it wasn't Emily who gave them up, but Samuel calls her out and she gets the cold shoulder from her team again. To make up for what she did, Emily agrees to watch a six hour anti bullying video four times so no one else in the office has to because of her.

The team thanks her and includes her in their fantasy superhero league, along with all of them finishing their project in time.

Meanwhile, Van becomes a meme because of his finger gun styled picture, so Jackie removes it and convinces the photographer to uncrop Van from the picture that he was actually in.

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Powerless Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

MuTow is short for Murder Town


Anyone else stay out of a hotel carved out of ice this weekend?