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in OUTER SPACE a meteor-like thing hurls through space and enters Africa where a preacher is giving a sermon. The entity enters the preacher's body and he falls to the floor. When he awakens, he screams for the congregation to be quiet in an ethereal voice.

The congregation quiets, and he starts talking, but before he can get a few words out, he blows up, splattering blood and guts everywhere.

The entity storms off.

In Texas, Jesse Custer has a flashback of his dad asking him to make a promise.

He wakes up and gets dressed. He walks down the dirt road to his church's sign and fixes it from saying, "Open your ass and holes to Jesus" to "Open your hearts and souls to Jesus."

There is a menagerie of images of Annville, Texas as Jesse is giving his Sunday sermon. The service is over and the church is having a barbecue. 

Ted is talking to Jesse about his mom problems when a little boy comes to ask Jesse to take care of his dad because his dad is not being nice to his mom. He tells Jesse he heard that he did bad things before. Jesse contemplates this, the tells he kid he will look into it.

Later, by city hall, there is a fight taking place about Annville's mascot. Jesse is there and goes to his car to drink. Sheriff Root shows up. He wants Jesse to talk to his son Eugene. Jesse brings up about Donnie Schenk, but sheriff won't do anything unless Betsy makes a charge.

On a jet plane, Cassidy is serving drugs and alcohol to what looks like a bunch of businessmen. When he goes to the bathroom, he discovers a Bible that leads him to believe they are some sort of vampire hunters. When he comes out he lets them know he knows and a brawl ensues. At one point, Cassidy sticks the jagged top of a champagne bottle into the pilot's chest. 

Before he jumps out of the plane, he tilts the pilot over to fill an empty bottle with blood that he takes with him.

Jesse is visiting with Emily who volunteers at the church. Ted is sitting behind the preacher and starts asking him advice about dealing with his mom again.

Back in Africa, a couple of cops show up to investigate the exploding preacher. 

In Texas, Jesse visits Walter because he's been missing according to Emily. When he's in the house, he sees tht his ex-girlfriend Tulip is back in town, and leaves.

In Kansas, Tulip has a couple of guys in her car who are trying to kill her. Her car veers off into a cornfield. Eventually she overcomes the guy and the car stops at a farmhouse. The guy falls out of the car and Tulip kills him with a corncob shoved down his throat. Two little kids see all the action, but their parents aren't home.

Tulip sees some tracking on her phone. Someone's coming, so she needs to be prepared. She gathers up the kids and go inside to make a homemade bazooka. Before the bad guys show up, she sends the kids in the tornado shelter. They listen to all the gunshots and fighting. When it stops, they head out and see the carnage.

Tulip thanks them for their help and takes off.

Jesse visits the town's slaughterhouse to talk to Betsy, the little boy's dad, about her husband abusing her. She admits it and he suggests she go to the sheriff about it. She tells him he misunderstands. She likes what he's doing to her.

In Russia, the two cops investigate another priest exploding.

Back in Annville, Jesse and Tulip talk in her car. She wants him to go with him on a job. He declines.

Jesse visits Sheriff Root and talks with Arseface who asks him if God is mad at him for trying to kill himself.

Jesse goes to the local bar for a drink when Cassidy shows up. he starts talking, but Jesse can't understand anything he's saying. Cassidy goes into the back to make a phone call.

Donnie shows up and confronts Jesse about talking to his wife. He beats up Jesse. When he gets closer he whispers that he knows the boy told him, so he's going to be punishing the boy too. Jesse warns him not to touch the boy, then Donnie gets really angry. Jesse stands up and beats the crap out of Donnie. Donnie's friends try to help, but Jesse beats them up too. At one point, Cassidy gets in on the action by kicking a chair to knock one of the guys out who was going to sneak up on Jesse.

The sheriff shows up and Jesse and Cassidy are put in jail. They talk a bit about promises and such until Betsy bails Jesse out of jail. This is when they formally introduce themselves to each other.

Betsy drops Jesse off at the church. Before he leaves he tells her he's going to quit, because he doesn't feel he's doing a good enough job. She's upset, but doesn't let him see it. When he leaves she takes her kids tablet and destroys it.

As Jesse is walking up to the church, he notices the doors are creaking open and the lights are flickering.  He gets a call from Ted, but Jesse tells him he'll have to talk to him later.

He goes inside, but nothing's there that he can see. He sits in a pew and tells God he's going to ask one more time, but if he doesn' t get an answer, he's really going to quit. He drops on his knees and asks the question. Silence. Then he gets back up to sit and lights a cigarette.

Then the doors open and the entity comes in. It's invisible, but it's there. As it walks toward a stunned Jesse, it knocks down pews. Jesse can't do anything, but stand there. The entity enters Jesse, the force so strong it knocks him back several rows.

Three days later, right before he gets up he has a flashback to him witnessing his dad getting shot in the head. Betsy is there when he wakes up. He's been out for three days, but it's Sunday and he has church to attend to.

As he's walking into church Ted comes to talk to him about his mom again. Jesse tells him he needs to tell his mom the truth, to open his heart to his mom.

Tulip and Cassidy are at church. Jesse stands up for a sermon, but says he's not going to give a sermon. He's about to give his resignation when he changes his mind. Instead, he tells his congregation that he's going to be a better preacher.

Ted is taking Jesse's words to heart as he is on a plane to go visit his mom. When he gets there, she's surprised to see him. He starts to tell her how he feels. Then he pulls out a butcher knife because the preacher told him to "open his heart to her" so he going to to that literally. Mom screams as he puts his bloody heart on the table.

Back in Texas, the two cops who've been around the world show up outside Jesse's church.



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Violence makes violence makes nothing much at all. That what you want, kid?


Something is coming.

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