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It's 1881 (as a title card tells us shortly) and a little girl is very sick. Mom sends out The Cowboy to bring back some medicine. On the way he comes across some settlers and joins them for dinner before entering the Towne of Ratwater.

In present day Annville, Jesse has turned over a new leaf and is baptizing his congregation outside. Tulip joins in and still wants Jesse to help her with a job, but Jesse declines. Emily is a bit jealous. 

Afterwards, everyone is enjoying refreshments inside. Cassidy asks Emily for an advance on the odd jobs he's supposed to be doing around the church. She complains to Jesse about it, mentioning wine and communion are missing.

Cassidy bumps into Eugene and freaks out. Eugene leaves with his dad. Cassidy asks Jesse about Eugene and Jesse tells him. Jesse asks Cassidy to shape up. Linus wants to talk to Jesse privately where he confesses about having urges about one of the girls that rides his school bus. Jesse hears overpowering buzzing as the Linus talks. then he tells him he has to stop sinning. Linus leaves.

Jesse is smoking outside church as a dog barks continuously in the background. He bellows out for the dog to stop and it does. This is not Jesse, but the entity in him.

Oden Quincannon and a group of  men go to a house in the middle of the dessert that he's trying to purchase for the land. He pleads his case and the couple signs it over. The house is demolished. 

At a grocery store, Jesse and Emily are outside seeking suggestions on improving the church. As Linus bus passes the buzzing sound happens again. He goes to his truck to follow him, but his steering wheel has been tied on top of a light post by Tulip, who just happens to drive by, and again asks Jesse to help her with the job. Jesse declines.

Cassidy is waiting back at the church and invites Jesse for a drink. Inside they talk about God and his plans. Cassidy wants to know more about Jesse, but Jesse turns the tables and Cassidy tells him he's a vampire. Cassidy is drinking a crazy concoction that he warns Jesse not to drink when he grabs it, but Jesse does anyway and passes out. Cassidy grabs his keys and wallets and take off.

The two guys who have been watching the church from the fields, show up looking at the passed out on the floor preacher and perform a bizarre ritual that includes singing "Winkin Blinkin and Nod" nursery rhyme with a crank music box and a can on Jesse's belly. Whatever they were trying to do didn't work so one of the guys says it's time for plan B which includes a chainsaw.

Cassidy shows up right before the guy cuts Jesse in half and thinks they are vampire hunters and is shot by the bearded one as he is giving his spiel. The guy goes to finish the job, but Cassidy isn't dead and an intense and bloody fight ensues. Cassidy takes the guy down as well as the chainsaw guy, cutting off the guy's arm. The arm flies off with the chainsaw still running and it inches towards Jesse, but stops right before it gets to his still passed out form.

Cassidy makes the decision to chop the dead guys up and stuffs them in the trunk they had with them in the church. He then cleans up the church and is about to leave, but the sun comes up so he has to wait.

Emily shows up and kicks Jesse awake. he's supposed to go to the Loach's house. She has a casserole for him to bring. When he gets there, the mom talks to him about her daughter who is in a coma. Jesse leaves and he sees the bus again and the buzzing starts.

Tulip is at a whorehouse playing cards with some of the guys from QM&P. She wins everything and asks the owner for a room for the night.

Jesse follows the bus, but ends up on a deserted street where something is blocking the road. He gets out and is zapped. He's chained to a chair in Tulip's room at the whorehouse. She really wants him to do this job with him. It has to do with a map. She let's him go, but doesn't take the chain off his ankle.

Back at his place, he's trying to saw the chain off when Eugene comes in telling him he didn't think the baptism works. He wants to be baptized again, but Jesse tells him it's not going to work. He leaves and goes to Linus' house and rebaptizes him because his urges towards the little girl haven't stopped. Linus is freaked out, but after he uses the entity's command voice, Linus doesn' t remember anything. 

Jesse is freaked out and leaves. Cassidy is burying the trunk with the bodies. In Sheriff Root's office, he's talking to two guys wanting to know who they are and why they're in Annville. They're the two guys that Cassidy thinks he's burying.

The next morning Jesse goes to the Loach's house and decides to try something with the girl. He commands her to open her eyes. 

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Preacher Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

No matter how hard I try, these urges, they're like big ropes pulling me.


Thanks for getting me all wet.