The Cowboy has arrived in Ratwater and goes the apothecary to get the medicine he needs for his daughter. It won't be ready until the morning, so he tries to get a room at the saloon, but there are none available. He gets a sleeping chair which comes with a free bottle of whiskey.

While there he sees things he doesn't like such as a woman being raped and her son being forced to watch. A local preacher there recognizes him, but can't place him.

Cowboy gets his medicine the next day and leaves, but halfway home he can't get the rape out of his mind and goes back to town where he is beat up by the preacher and his men. The preacher kills his horse which forces the Cowboy to walk home. When he finally gets there his wife and daughter are dead.

Eugene finds graffiti in his room and a shotgun telling him to finish the job.

Jesse is at the diner talking with Emily who thinks something is wrong with him. A group of teens ask him to talk about the gospels and he obliges.

Cassidy is recovering at Tulip's uncle's house where she figures out he's a vampire. He tells her he's in love with her. She tells him she's in love with someone else and needs to get him out of his rut so they can go after Carlos. It's obvious she's talking about Jesse, but she doesn't mention his name. Cassidy has no clue.

Donnie doesn't want to get out of bed, but his wife forces him to threatening to sleep with a guy from accounting if he doesn't get up.

At the motel, the Heaven phone is still ringing. DeBlanc and Fiore are hiding in the bathroom practicing what to say when they answer the phone.

Emily is at the church getting cash to deposit when she stops in the bathroom. Tulip shows up and wants to know where Jesse is. She thinks Jesse is sleeping with Emily.

Eugene makes breakfast for Root, but the Sheriff is not happy and explodes, telling Eugene he should finish the job just like the graffiti said.

Quincannon is talking with Mayor Person about his salvation and that they should go ahead with the GreenAcre deal. Donnie is blown away and freaked out that Quincannon went to church.

Jesse is holding court at the diner. Tulip barges in and lets everyone know the bad things he used to do. There is a collective gasp, but Jesse calms everyone down by telling them he's changed. Tulip is disturbed.

Jesse is called outside because Eugene is not allowed in the diner. Eugene is worried about his dad. Jesse takes Eugene to Tracy Loach's house and commands her mother to forgive him, which she does after she nearly kills Eugene.

Donnie is at lunch with Betsy and tells her about Jesse's power.

Jesse drives Eugene home, but Eugene is completely flipped out at what happened.

Tulip is upset and she's at the drug store getting ready to rob it.

At the motel, Fiore is about to answer the phone when it stops ringing.

Tulip is waiting for Cassidy when he leaves the whorehouse. She gives him the pills she stole from the drug store and tells him she loves him too. They have sex in her car. She's totally NOT into it.

At the diner, Sheriff Root introduces Fiore and DeBlanc to Jesse. They tell him that what's inside of him is NOT God.

Quincannon meets with the GreenAcre folks and when they're about to start the deal, QC grabs a gun and shoots them all dead.



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Preacher Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jesse: Where exactly are you guys from?
DeBlanc: Exactly. We're from Heaven. Both of us.

What's inside of you isn't God.