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Jesse is in the diner with DeBlanc and Fiore listening to them tell him that the entity, Genesis, is not God or the word of God, it's a mistake, a union between a demon and an angel.

Jesse doesn't quite believe it, but when Fiore and DeBlanc later fight a woman who is a Seraphim, Jesse quickly changes his mind, especially after he almost gets killed by the angel. He takes DeBlanc and Fiore back to the motel where they work out a plan. The woman comes back and another fight ensues.

The group finally subdues the angel with Cassidy's help.

Jesse decides he isn't going to let DeBlanc and Fiore take Genesis. The two angels are not happy.

Eugene is at school.

Emily's kid is sick and in bed when Tulip shows up and barges in yelling at Emily to stay away from her boyfriend. She throws a sculpture that one of Emily's kids made and breaks it. Tulip is in her car when Emily storms out and tells her what she did. Tulip says she can fix it.

Miles listens to a voicemail from Green Acres asking where their team is. Miles ignores the call. He's trying to decide which pair of tan slacks to wear.

Tulip is fixing Emily's kid's art sculpture. They talk.

Jesse and Cassidy talk about Genesis while watching their clothes being washed. Cassidy doesn't make the connection between Jesse's Tulip tatoo and the girl.

Eugene is joined by some boys at lunch who are trying to befriend him.

Emily and Tulip continue to talk about their past and Jesse. Tulip decides to help Emily with her church stuff.

Jesse installs a huge amplifier outside of church for the people who won't be able to sit inside.

The boys befriending Eugene take him to a tunnel to see something cool: a sparkler. Eugene really likes it. The kids are just being nice.

Jesse is preparing for the outdoor serivce. Miles shows up and wants to tell him about Odin, but can't. Jesse has no patience and is just half listening when Tulip shows up. While Jesse is watching Tulip, Miles leaves.

Tulip tells Jesse she's helping Emily. When she goes to the storage closet Cassidy finds her and thinks she came back for him, but then realizes the connection between Jesse and Tulip. Jesse comes in, but Cassidy hides behind the door. Cassidy and Tulip's liaison is still staying a secret.

Eugene shows up and wants Jesse to stop what he's doing. He wants things to go back to normal. He doesn't want to be forgiven. Jesse has no patience and tells him to go to hell. Eugene disappears.

Miles is at an accident scene and calls Green Acre's to tell them the fate of their peopel which apparently was via a car accident.

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Preacher Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

DeBlanc: What's inside of you isn't God.
Jesse: It isn't God?
DeBlanc: No.
Jesse: What is it then?
DeBlanc: It's a mistake.

Jesse: You mean if I picked up that phone right now I couldn't call heaven?
DeBlanc: No, you couldn't.
Jesse: Why not?
DeBlanc: You need angel hands.