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Lacy is being chased. She tries to hide, but other girls are hiding in a sewer pipe. She continues to run through the field where men with guns are chasing her. She stops to catch her breath and is caught by Clive who shoots her with yellow paintball. She's upset and starts yelling at him, backing up, and falls into a sinkhole.

Jesse has a flashback about him preparing the church for his father. The service begins and Jesse is back in this time.

Cassidy is sitting behind him. He wants to tell him about Fiore and DeBlanc, but Jesse is preoccupied. He doesn't care. He wants Cassidy to fix the air, but Cassidy tells him about the two anyway. Jesse still doesn't care.

Sheriff Root is at the field where Lacy fell into the sinkhole. A crane is bringing up the dead body. The Quincannon men are there as well as other girls from the whorehouse, Tulip, and Quincannon. Quincannon gives a speech which upsets Tulip. No one cares about the dead girl.

Jesse visits Emily looking for suggestions on how to fill up the church. He suggests getting a TV and having a raffle. Emily tells him there isn't enough money, but he doesn't care. He asks her to go get the TV oblivious to how much she has to do with the kids and work. When he suggest Cassidy do it, she objects saying she'll take care of it.

A young Jesse is out smoking with Tulip when he's caught by his dad who then proceeds to whip him in front of his friends. Back to present day where Jesse is smoking. He puts cigarette out in a small gold ashtray.

Cassidy is with Fiore and DeBlanc. He wants details on how they're going to get the thing out of Jesse. He demands money and they give him some. Cassidy uses it for women and drugs.

Quincannon is playing Qbert when Miles the Mayor shows up. he wants QC to think about partnering with another company who can help with the soil. QC doesn't like the idea and pisses on the Green Acre brochure in Miles' briefcase.

Fiore is watching a Big Texas burger commercial on TV. He tells LeBlanc that they need to call heaven and pulls out a "phone." DeBlanc argues saying that they can't because they're on earth without permission. Fiore leaves the hotel room, telling DeBlanc he's hungry.  He goes down to the front desk to order a Big Texas burger, but the clerk tells him they don't have burgers there. All they hae is a ending machine. Fiore goes to vending machine and just stares.

The mayor visits Emily, they have wine, then sex.

At Lucy's memorial at the whorehouse, Tulip goes off, but no one listens. When everyone goes upstairs to have sex, Tulip is frustrated and goes into the room she thinks Clive is in and starts beating on him hard enough that the guy falls out the window. Only thing is it was Cassidy, not Clive.

She's freaked and rushes him to hospital. He makes her kiss him. She feels bad, but once they get to hospital, he walks away when she has her back turned. She finds him in a blood repository, feeding.

Young Jesse is going with his dad to Quincannon's office where he sits outside waiting. He steals the little gold ashtray. His dad comes out and they leave.

Back to present, Jesse is helping QC build a miniature scene. Jesse tells him if he comes to church he'll give him his father's land. 

The church is full. QC is there. Jesse asks him if he'll serve God. QC says no a couple of times and gets up to leave, but Jesse touches him and uses God's voice and QC then says he will absolutely serve God. The rest of the church goers are amazed.


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Preacher Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You ladies, if you're goin' to be here at night, you need to watch where you're walkin'.


Jesse: What were you smokin'?
Cassidy: Attic insulation, mostly.