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Eugene is the big man on campus now in Hell. The lady guard comes in and writes on her paper that the candy machine serving only Zagnut bars is out of order. In hell, you're not supposed to be nice and they take a guy who was going to be nice by picking guard lady's market cap on.

Eugene bully's Hitler again. He's conflicted. He's doing it for the cameras, not because it's really how he feels.

In a flashback, Cassidy is in a hospital nursery singing to a baby Denis.

Back in real time, Cassidy tries to be a dad to Denis. Denis still wants Cassidy to give him eternal life. Cassidy refuses.

Cassidy is in the kitchen with Tulip. They talk about Tulip's nightmares. Tulip asks him to go out, but Cassidy wants to stay with Denis. He suggests Jesse, but she says he's too involved in his God thing. She goes out.

Denis is awake and screaming into the translation machine saying something over and over. Bite me.

Jesse is in his bedroom, forlorn. 

Members of the Grail are in an apartment watching Jesse and friends. 

Jesse approaches Cassidy who is watching Denis and the doctor. Jesse want s to know if there's anything he can do. Jesse is going out to enhance the video of God. Cassidy asks Jesse to use Genesis to help Denis, but Jesse says no. He says, "I don't think that's what it's for."

When Jesse leaves he runs into Tulip who is on her way back to the apartment after coming home from the Hurt Locker.

Jesse goes to Circuit City to see if they can enhance the serial number on the gun used to kill "God."

Tulip orders a fridge why Jesse waits for Dork Docs.

Back in Hell, the lady guard tells the inmates about their cells...that they will be ready soon. She tells them that one of them isn't supposed to be there. "Who doesn't belong in hell?"

The inmates argue over who doesn't believe in hell. Meanwhile, Eugene plays basketball and Hitler calls him out saying that he's the one who doesn't belong in Hell. They discuss it. Eugene tells him why he belongs in hell.

Hitler holds fast to his theory that Eugene doesn't belong there. A girl falls and Eugene helps her up. Hitler says that was nice of him. The guard lady comes in.

The new refrigerator comes in. Cassidy is trying to take care of Denis who is very sick and coughing all over the place. He's dying.

Cassidy goes to the kitchen to clean Denis' blanket and asks Tulip if she had a choice would she want to live forever.  Tulip looks through the bullet hole behind the fridge.

Back at Circuit City Jesse waits. Behind him is an ad for Grail Industries. The Dork Docs call him and he learns that the serial number has been scratched off. He wants to know who killed God.

Tulip is spackling the hole from SOK's gun. She goes to other apartments to do the same and sees the mess the SOK left behind.

The guard lady throws Eugene down a hole to an extrapolater. He's in a dark room with another vision thing. He sees the same vision he's seen before of Tracy blowing her brains out and how he became Arseface, but this time it's different. It shows a different outcome of how it could be. Tracy actually likes Eugene when they kiss. Then they start singing love songs. OMG.

Then he finds out someone is in the bathroom. She tells him that she's promised herself to God. Jesse comes out of the bathroom. Eugene tells her that Preacher is not God then Jesse and Tracy start kissing. Eugene is very upset. He watches as the two get deeper into their kissing taking it to another level. Eugene pulls the rifle and puts it in his mouth at the urging of Jesse.

Cassidy helps Denis get to the bathroom and Denis begs once again for eternal life.

Eugene is thrown back into the common room and lays down. Hitler talks to him and tells him why he can't admit to being the one that doesn't belong in hell. If he does, he'll be thrown into the extrapolater forever.

Tulip gets to the Grail people's apartment and finds the door locked. She knocks. Grail lady answers dressed differently and opens the door.

At Circuit City Jesse starts praying wanting to know what the plan for him is. He's asking for help. Jesse is called back to the Dork Docs. They can't help him. Jesse is devastated that found nothing. Then he goes off, telling them he's looking for God. Then he leaves and leaves the DVD behind. Dork Docs destry it.

Tulip spackles the wall.  She notices that they have BooBerry cereal. Tulip mentions that it's her favorite. They exchange pleasantries then Tulip starts to leave but stops and asks "Jenny" if she's ever been shot through a bullet proof vest and says they should go sometime.

Cassidy is on the phone with his brother telling him about Denis. Cassidy goes into Denis' room and sings to him like he did in the nursery. It seems like he might bite him as Denis looks hopeful, but nothing happens.

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Preacher Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Grail Guy: So this is worth all of this, huh?
Grail Lady: The best way to know your handbook is through concealed intimacy. It's in the handbook.

Hitler: It's you isn't it? You don't belong here.
Eugene: I'm probably the most evilest person in here. Other than you.