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The Men in White prepare Herr Starr's desk/office for his arrival and put a Jesse Custer file on his desk as well.

Jesse has a flashback to when his father was shot in front of him. He goes on the computer to look for sightings of God. Cassidy goes into the kitchen to make some blood breakfast. He comments on Jesse watching YouTube videos. Cassidy is angry then Tulip comes in and he orders her to sleep after she screams that she's not going to. Cassidy is pissed off even more that Jesse would do that for Tulip but nothing for Denis.

Lara is showing the video to Herr Starr. He doesn't believe Jesse is using Genesis and orders them to kill them all.

The Men in White are on in a van ready for action. They arrive at their destination which is Denis's place. They're acting like they're a SEAL team. They get into Denis' place. Cassidy attacks and they try to hold him off. Another guy kills tulip then they go after Jesse but Jesse uses Genesis to tell the guy to kill his friends. Jesse has no problems using Genesis on things. Then before he gets a chance to talk to the guy who was killing the others, Denis comes along and eats him. Denis is a vampire.

Herr Starr is on his date. After she babbles for a while, he tells her to take off her shirt and take the butter and tuck it under her chin. But then he gets called into his office where Hoover and Lara are waiting. He tries to shoot Hoover but his gun jams. Lara fixes it and gives Herr Starr some advice on what to do with Custer. He's impressed. She suggests activating Brad. Starr lets them both go but tells them he's leaving the tarp out in case they fail again.

Tulip didn't get killed. She's in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She sees the mess in the kitchen. The cops are there and Jesse has used Genesis on them. He greets Tulip. He has the cops protecting them.

Herr Starr looks at Jesse's records after seeing some of the surveillance video.

Denis is taking care of Cassidy when he gets burned by the son and tells him how to fix himself when that happens. Denis leaves when Jesse comes in to tell Cassidy about the Men in White. 

Jesse is talking to Tuli trying to soothe her about her dreams. She's upset he used Genesis on her. He wants her to sit this one out and book a hotel while he and Cassidy take care of business. She balks and tells him she needs a gun.

In their apartment, Lara and Hoover are making plans when Tulip knocks at the door asking if she can use her gun. Lara wants to know what's going on, but Tulip won't tell her. Lara gives her the gun.

Meanwhile, the cleaner has arrived to clean the apartment. Things are tense when Denis blasts the music and dances around. The cleaner is cleaning, then a huge guy shows up all the while Jesse watching and all the cops run to the scene and Jesse freaks out. He can't hear because of the music and he leaves the apartment when he hears a shot. Tulip shot the cleaner. The guy the cops took down was just a drunk. The cleaner is dying. 

Brad turns out to be a drone with a bomb. Lara and Hoover are still in their apartment. Hoover wants to leave, but Lara insists on staying.

Hoover got Herr Starr men and he's not happy but he lets them do their thing. He calls Lara and tells her to call off BRAD.She sends to hit Harry Connick, Jr.'s house.

A week later nothing happens and Jesse sends the cops away telling them to forget it ever happened.

He's at a bar when Herr Starr walks in and sits down next to him. He tells him who he is and tells him that perhaps he can help.


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Preacher Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Without God, there's no structure, no order. With no one at the wheel, we hit the rocks; it's chaos.


What kind of world is it when a woman obeying a man is seen as his superpower? I have a date. Kill them all.

Herr Starr