Tulip of the Century
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The cowboy shoots his gun but a delivery truck get in the way and the driver takes the bullet instead. The truck slams into Saint of Killers. Jesse heads back to the motel and the Sok starts walking again. The gun team shoot at him, but he still gets up and comes.  He pulls out his guns and starts shooting. Jesse yells at people to start running., but they're too late.  Jesse grabs Tulip from the motel room but she is watching about Annville on TV until a bullet hits it. The SoK just goes from room to room looking for the gang who is hiding in the refreshment room trying to find a way out. They finally escape. The SoK is not happy they got away.

At the gas station, Cassidy and Jesse discuss who the SoK might be and why they're being chased. Cassidy brings up Ganesh who might be able to help them. he saw it on TV the night before.

Fiore gets on a bus to the Mumbai Sky Tower. In his room he tries to kill himself because DeBlanc is gone. It doesn 't work so he goes gambling instead and wins. Then he tries to suffocate himself. It doesn't work either. He ends up at a bar where he gets hit on by a woman and ends up having sex. He gives her all his chips. Then he blows his brains out and it doesn't work either. At a club he electrocutes himself and makes an appearance. Now he's the Amazing Ganesh with magic tricks. he kills himself and keeps returning. It's pure magic. He's become a huge nightclub act.

The team arrives at the Mumbai Sky Tower. Jesse and Cassidy explain to Tulip about the angels. She goes for a drink while the two guys go to talk to Fiore. He tells them about Saint of Killers and his plans. There's nothing they can do to stop him. Fiore told him he hired him. Jesse tells Fiore that God's gone missing. Jesse appeals to him because without Genesis they can't find God. Fiore isn't going to help and heads out to his performance. Jesse wants to kick his ass but Cassidy convinces him to give him a couple of hours to convince Fiore to come to their side.

Jesse finds Tulip sitting having a drink. She's upset about Annville and Walter. Jesse and Tulip end up in bed. He tells her he hopes Cassidy can get the SoK off their back so they can find God. Jesse wants to get married.

When Fiore returns to his room, Cassidy is waiting for him.

Tulip slaps Jesse who's down on one knee asking her to marry him. 

Fiore tells Cassidy he's not changing his mind. Cassidy is going to give him a speedball to help him feel better. He dies and comes back. Again. Now Cassidy is just chasing after him. Fiore is talking about his friendship with DeBlanc.They keep taking speedballs and drinking and doing crazy stuff in his room like dancing naked, sleeping together, pillow fights and frisbee.

Fiore is falling in love. At the chapel, Jesse and Tulip are going to get married. They are waiting at the bar when Tulip sees someone she recognizes. She changes her shirt and when she opens the door, Gary is there waiting for her. Jesse is still at the bar waiting. It's dark now and Tulip isn't there. He's talking to Fiore's assistant. Jesse figures out where to go next...New Orleans.

Fiore comes out with fans waiting for him. Cassidy tells him he's got it taken care with the SoK. Jesse says he and Tulip are going to get married and they'll leave after that.

Back in Tulip's room, Gary wants her to talk to Victor. She says she can't because she has a "thing" to do. Tulip refuses to make the call. Gary isn't happy. He's trying to get reception and then chokes tulip while moving around the room. She finally knocks him on the head, then it's an epic fight with Tulip coming out the victor. See what I did there?

Cassidy shows up and Tulip tells him not to tell Jesse about it. 

Jesse is waiting for Tulip. Fiore is there and tells him he reversed the contract for the SoK. Tulip comes down and decides she doesn't want to get married. Fiore and Cassidy hug goodbye. Jesse tells Cassidy that they're not getting married. He asks if something happened upstairs and Cassidy says no. Fiore wishes Jesse good luck. They're going to follow the music. They're going to New Orleans next.

Before Jesse takes off he tells Fiore to find Peace. Fiore goes into his room looking for peace. The SoK shows up and Fiore tells him that the deal still holds. Fiore tells him where they went. The SoK is about to leave. Fiore wants to die. he goes to his stage performance and gets blown away from the Sok. Fiore doesn't come back. He's found peace.

The SoK start walking to New Orleans.

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