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The trio is traveling and Cassidy is talking about circumcisions. They're on their way to see a friend of Jesse who is a religious scholar.

They are driving along when they get pulled over by a cop. Cassidy as just lit a joint. Instead of pulling over they gun it when other cops join in the chase. They run out of gas and the cops catch up. They are all pulled out of the car. Cassidy is under the umbrella and the cops shove him in the car. When they try to pull him out of the car, Jesse lets Genesis take over and makes the cops do silly things.

All of a sudden the Saint of Killers shows up and starts shooting. The trio escape, the cops are not so lucky. The trio ends up at a gas station and Jesse tells the attendant to forget he saw anything. They get what they need and take off. The Saint of Killers finally shows up at the station. He wants to know where the Preacher was and the guy does what Jesse told him to do...forget they were there. The SoK pulls out the guy's tongue. and keeps walking.

The trio pull into a garage at Jesse's friend's house. Jesse leaves Tulip and Cassidy behind while he goes talks to him. While Tulip is fixing her hair, Cassidy watches her lovingly. He's in love with her. He wants to tell Jesse about them having sex. She says it'll be a huge mistake. Tulip hears a noise and they find a woman locked in a cage when Jesse and the friend show up and tell them to leave Ashley alone. Tulip and Cassidy go inside.

Tulip asks about the girl in the covered cage. Jesse tells the friend he needs to talk about God and tells him God is gone. They're going to spend the night and the three of them sleep together in the guy's bedroom. Jesse wakes up and goes outside. The guy comes out and they talk about God being missing. He wants Jesse to show him Genesis and he does. Mike gives Jesse a card of a woman who claims she saw God.  

The next day they head to Kendall County to talk to Tammy. Meanwhile, Mike is cleaning dishes when SoK shows up. The dog is barking like crazy and SoK barges through the door. He asks about Jesse as expected. Before SoK does his thing, Mike kills himself with his knife.

The trio shows up at She She's a strip club. They find Tammy in the office. They ask her about seeing God. Tammy tells them what happened. God tells them he danced and listen to music. She won't say anything else and wants them out. Jesse and Tulip talk about using Genesis and Tammy while she listens confused. She keeps calling Doug on her walkie talkie. In the room next door Cassidy is fighting Doug and then a shot goes off through the wall and kills Tammy. But before she dies, she tells Jesse God was there for the jazz and says when they see him they'll "shit themselves."

The trio end up at a motel. Jesse and Tulip share a room while Cassidy has his own.  Jesse and Tulip go at it, the bed banging against the wall while Cassidy is in the next room watching TV. Jesse leaves to go smoke when he sees the cowboy coming.He tries to stop the SoK from coming by using Genesis but it doesn't work. All that happens is SoK pulls his gun and points it at Jesse.



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