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Arseface is looking over a crater. He believes he's part of a bigger plan from God, and that his story is just beginning. Eugene is at child services, and he's been adopted by the guy from Hell. He threw the lady through the wall. 

He tells Eugene he's taking him back to hell. They start walking. They have to make a stop first.

Cassidy is in the children of blood cult. "So, what, you all want to be vampires?" - Cassidy

The leader sucked down an entire owl. Cassidy thought he was a poser, but he's something else.

Jesse's knocked out on the floor at the house, and Tulip is strapped in the chair. They're going to take her soul. TC is snuggling with Grandma. Jesse walks in with an idea. He suggests they kill Tulip and Grandma, then goes to Boyd to steal her soul bank. 

Minions report back to Boyd that Tulip and Grandma are dead. Tulip: Alright bitches, clock's tickin'. Let's go steal some shit.

They arrive at the Bank of the Bayou, where Boyd keeps her souls. Tulip goes in disguise. Tulip hit the alarm when she went back to get her glasses.

Herr Starr is looking for Cassidy. He needs leverage over Jesse. He says the fat guy is more brutal than Herr Starr himself. All-father. 

The vampire group is going to do a blood sacrifice and they invited Cassidy to attend. Cassidy says being a vampire sucks. The other guy says he's been doing it wrong.

Featherstone is sucking up to Starr. Starr goes into his office, takes off his hat and his head is split down the middle. The allfather is waiting in his office. 

Jesse is drinking a beer. Boyd shows up. Jesse is playing the grieving boyfriend. They start reminiscing about their past. "Would it make me the worst person in the world if I kissed you on the day I buried my girlfriend? - Jesse

He came to the car, scraped his tongue and collected her spit. Tulip isn't happy about it. TC's gonna create a distraction for Tulip and Jody is going to do something for Miss Marie.

Jesse and Tulip go into the bank. At the same time, TC is messing with the goats at the zoo.

Herr Starr is face to face with Allfather. They have a lot to talk about.

The vampire group leader is flying and carrying Cassidy, like Peter Pan and Wendy. They're in a jazz club together. The vampire dude has powers to summon people. He turned into a cat. Cassidy wants to know how he's doing all the tricks. 

One person gave his life, and the vampire turned him. He says he only picks good people who are willing. It's what gives him his power. He was looking for a friend, and Cassidy is it. Cassidy says he doesn't need friends. 

Grandma is dying. They open up the soul case they stole, and TC feeds them to Grandma. She starts to get better.

Cassidy is on the street smoking crack. Singing. He gets a call from Tulip. She asks how he's doing, and he says he's doing alright. She starts telling him about everything that's going on. Cassidy isn't talking on his end. She tells him he better stay alive and hang in there. 

He tells her to move on because he doesn't hang on for people.

Somebody got Tulip with chloroform.

Grandma thanks Jesse for saving her.

Then TC hits Jesse on the back of the head because he was threatening not to help Grandma if she laid a finger on Tulip.

She tells the boys to get Tulip ready. Jesse is knocked out and Tulip is strapped in the scary chair. They put a needle in her arm. They're collecting something from her.

Wait. It's Boyd. They took Boyd's soul. Jesse walked in and shot Boyd. He says he'll do what Grandma wants and pay his debt, but not like this. He's going to call the Grail. 

Herr Starr and Allfather are eating. Allfather wants to talk about Jesse.

Cassidy shows up at the vampire house. Cassidy is crying. Cassidy: I've been smoking crack all day.

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Preacher Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

So, what, you all want to be vampires?


Alright bitches, clock's tickin'. Let's go steal some shit.