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Tulip walks into Grandmas with a gun. She's sneaking up to her in her room, but puts the gun away and walks out.

TC brings Cassidy a pig, but he's gone.

Tulip is asking Jesse about his Grandma. "God's not gonna kick his own ass." Tulip

Tulip wants to kill Grandma. He starts to explain, but TC and Jody come in. You up for a fist fight? Jesse

TC and Jody are climbing the stairs to Jesse's room. They're ready and TC sneaks in the back. They all start fighting. Tulip tries to shoot TC Jody's fighting Jesse and Tulip is fighting TC. 

Tulip wins and comes out in a feathered room to help Jesse. She grabs her gun and goes downstairs. Holds the gun on Jody. He's got Jesse slung over his shoulder. Grandma starts choking Jesse, Tulip turns the gun on her. TC holds a shotgun on Tulip.

Tulip puts her gun down. Jesse wakes up in the coffin.

Herr Star takes Humperdoo to the queen. He's practicing meeting royalty. They're all actors. Herr Starr gets a call. It's all-father. He's huge. He's asking about Jesse. Starr tells him that he's a charlatan. There are rumors he has the word of God. Starr denies it. Starr says the messiah needs a year or five. 

The Messiah can tap dance. That's all he can do. Tulip broke Featherstone's nose. Featherstone has an idea on how to get Jesse back in the fold. 

The all-father is cracking up and enjoyed the dance. 

Back at Grandma's Tulip is chained upstairs. She's trying to break free. Grandma comes in with TC and Jody. Grandma says Tulip owes her everything and she won't be alive for long. Jody stays to watch Tulip.

Cassidy was bait and they're pissed he's gone. Tulip said he is her friend.

The all-father wants to show the Messiah with the world. Featherstone wants to use Cassidy to get Jesse in the Messiah gig. Cassidy picked up some fentanyl.

Jesse is in the coffin. He's talking to himself. He's going crazy in the coffin. There's a leak in the coffin. Someone is talking to him. He hears a train. It's Jesse in a Marshall uniform. He's with John Wayne in the old west. Jesse and John kill all the enemies. 

Cassidy is sitting with a woman in a cafe. They're both vampires. She's over 200, and he's 89ish. They're making out in the bathroom of the place. She's not really a vampire. He shows her that he really is a vampire and leaves. He's pissed. He takes a bunch of pills and drinks. Featherstone is watching him and she's in disguise.

Tulip is talking to Jody about guns, trying to distract him while she gets the key. He busts her. Jody: I'd be worried if I were you. Tulip: Worryin's for pussys too.

TC is helping Grandma figure out what to do to Tulip as punishment. Tulip stole from Grandma. TC suggests they do something nice for Grandma.

Jesse is back in the old west with John Wayne killing people. He passed on High Noon. Complaining about the movie. John Wayne is asking about Tulip. He tells him he has to go save Tulip. Jesse blocks the air hole with cigarettes. He takes his shirt thing and makes a whole to start filling the coffin. He plugs his ears with cigarettes because he's gonna blow something. He wraps his collar around the cigarette and makes a fuse. Then he lights the cigarette. He goes under the water. He tries again cause the cigarette fell.

Grandma is dressed up and so is TC. They're playing parts. She's bald. She rips off her wig and pushes TC off. He starts to cry. Our silly game isn't gonna fix this, TC. Grandma is gonna eat Tulip's soul. She orders TC to go get her.

Jesse is trying to get out of the coffin. He's running out of cigarettes and the coffin is filling fast. It finally ignites and blows the casket to bits. Tulip got free using Jody's pen and tied him to the radiator. TC came in and she knocked him out.

Tulip is face to face with Grandma. She tells Grandma to let them go. Grandma and Tulip start to fight. Jesse is running. Grandma has a knife. She cuts Tulip. She's strangling Grandma. She killed Grandma and she died. 

TC and Jody came in. Jesse has to save Grandma because Grandma tied their lives together with a fingernail. "Dead again, I see. - God. he tells Tulip she's failing.

They shoot Grandma with adrenalin. They both come back to life. 

Cassidy's passed out and Featherstone is with him. She takes Cassidy and puts him in front of a camera, and gives him something to read. He keeps passing out. He says Jesse needs to save him. Herr Starr gets on. He says Jesse needs to come and he will restore his soul. People break in and take Cassidy.

Grandma is being monitored. Boyd's on the shitlist now. The adrenaline weakened Grandma's heart. She needs a soul to eat or she's not gonna get better. They all start fighting.

The girl pretending to be a vampire kidnapped him. They're a cult, and Cassidy is their leader now?

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