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Caleb continues working to decode the information on A's cellphone, but becomes aware of how sensitive the information is when he sees a video of Ian, Garrett and Jenna arguing in Alison's room. He mentions to Hanna that he's noticed Officer Garrett watching him, which causes Hanna to promptly destroy the flashdrive with the video. Still concerned for Hanna's safety, Caleb agrees to keep working on the files for Spencer, Aria, and Emily, but only if they keep it a secret from Hanna and tell him their dangerous secret.

Aria, frustrated with Ezra's silent treatment, asks him to meet him and discuss their relationships future. Although trying to avoid her, Ezra can't let go of their romance and gives Aria hope that they can be together.

Spencer receives a message from A that threatens Toby, and shortly after, Toby has an "accident" while taking down the scaffolding at Spencer's house. In order to protect Toby, she has Emily tell him that Spencer is seeing someone else.

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Emily: You're lucky I don't take that stick...
Jenna: Careful, Emily!

Life isn't always romantic. Sometimes, it's realistic.