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Melissa comes to school looking for Spencer, but no one has a clue where she is. Eventually, Spencer is identified by Dr. Sullivan at Radley and her family is informed about her 72 hour evaluation. Spencer opens up to Dr. Sullivan and tells her about finding Toby's body in the woods, but the police can't locate the body she saw. She also talks to an orderly named Eddie Lamb about problems with security badges and visitor passes being stolen (possibly by someone on staff). Mona visits Spencer and claims to have all the answers from Ali's diary, but Spencer doesn't want anything to do with her. Spencer confronts the fact that she is no longer someone her friends can count on while at Radley. Meanwhile, Wilden returns and all he wants his car back. Aria tries to get Ezra a job teaching, but there are no openings at Hollis. He applies to be a substitute for the high school, and Aria ends up lying to the principal about their relationship for his sake.

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Spencer: Why do you even bother coming to church?
Ali: I like to cover my bets.

A's been turning the screws so long one of us was bound to snap a string.