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In the second half of this Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover event, which began on "Blink," Mark follows Addison back to Oceanside Wellness.

Addison needles Mark a little, though agreeing to do the surgery on his daughter Sloan, and the two of them needing to let off a little steam.

Which they proceed to do on the couch and floor of Addison's office.

Reeling from being dumped by Lexie, Mark starts talking crazy about moving to L.A. so he and Addison could help Sloan raise her baby. Of course, as Addison's operating, the AVM blows, but in the end both Sloan and the baby pull through.

But, Addison confides in Pete, she doesn't think anyone's talked to this girl about her options (like adoption), and she's clearly not equipped to be a mother.

She also tells Pete that she thinks Mark's embracing the daughter and the baby because they represent a second chance at a family.

After all, Addison got pregnant when they were together, and even though he wanted the baby, she didn't, and she had an abortion.

Mark even tells Pete he's never held a baby before and Pete lets him hold Lucas. The pieces certainly all fit together, but it's definitely not a neat picture.

Addison mentions the concept of adoption to Sloan, having to explain that picking prospective parents out of the Penny Saver really only happens in Juno and not in real life.

Just the same, the girl is interested.

Addison puts the question to Mark of whether he'd want to move and be with her if there was no baby and no ex-girlfriend he was running from, and he concedes that the idea arose from his inability to deal with the situation he's in.

Too bad, because Addison and Mark have nice chemistry. Clearly. Naked.

Elsewhere, Sam was clearly agitated by seeing Mark and Addison there. What's to come with these two in the coming weeks?

Cooper and Charlotte get into an epic fight about medicine, but primarily over their relationship and man, it gets ugly, even for Cooper. He definitely crossed the line.

Dell finally apologizes to Betsey for not letting her see Heather before she died. Naomi gave it to him straight, and that was a good thing for the often-stubborn Dell to hear.

Naomi and Dell are trying to raise children under the same roof and that's hard. It's about to get harder after Maya reveals to Addison that she's pregnant in the closing moments.

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Private Practice Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Dude, you are not sticking those needles in me.


Addison: Everything's going to be okay.
Maya: It's not gonna be okay.

Private Practice Season 3 Episode 11 Music

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Lets take a walk Let's Take A Walk Raphael Saadiq iTunes
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