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Malcolm dreams about Eve, and it's a disturbing one. Nothing scary happens.

Eve has been sleeping with Malcolm for two weeks now.  

   Malcolm tells Ainsley that Eve is not telling him something and is hiding something from him.

Crime scene is a father killed at a sip and see.

Eve is helping Jessica find the girl in the box. Ainsley, who has been investigating Eve because of Malcolm, calls Eve out on not being honest. 

   Eve leaves. 

   They find out the nanny christine isn't who she says she is. They suspect the victim had an affair with her. When they go talk to her, it seems like she tried to steal the baby. 

   JT tells Malcolm to be honest with Eve. Malcolm talks to martin about him being a liar. Martin helps him figure out the case. 

The mom faked her pregnancy. The nanny was her surrogate for her, and after her husband's murder, she dumps all the evidence. 

They find out that the nanny was in an abusive relationship. She ran from her ex, but he found her in NYC. The husband/victm tried to help her out, but the ex killed him. He then beat her up, and he wanted their baby.

When he came for the baby, they pulled another switcheroo, and the mother beat the perp up. He was taken into custody. 

Ainsley tells Malcolm that Eve is related to the girl in the box. Eve comes in at the right moment and overhears them, and when they ask her why, she says that nothing she says will change their minds and leaves. Malcolm is worked up and hurt. 

But later Eve comes to leave the key and a note at Malcolm's apartment, but he catches her. She explains that her sister Sophie stopped communicating, and she eventually figured out that she must have been a victim of Martin's. She tells him she wanted to find out more information, but then realized that they didn't have information. She's afraid to show him a picture of her sister. 

She knows that he can confirm if it's her sister, and it is. They hug. 

Malcolm guesses that JT is having a baby. 

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Malcolm: She's hiding something from me.
Ainsley: Two weeks in, and you're already sabotaging your relationship. Sounds right.

Ainsley: Ninety-nine percent of people aren't serial killers, Malcolm. 
Malcolm: We're the one percent.