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  • Vivian has nightmares about Martin.
  • Jessica goes to Malcom's apartment to look though some of Martin's old belongings for her book. She finds a bank key which raises her suspicons. She's happy that Malcolm has stopped communicating with Martin.
  • Martin is plotting his escape today.
  • One of the inmates tells Capshaw that Martin is the head of the snake and clues her in on the escape.
  • The team gets called to a murder where a woman was  bashed in the head repeatedly. It's overkill. They go across the street to an agoraphobe's house to see if he witnessed anything.
  • Malcolm gets him to talk. The man hasn't left his house in 24 years. 
  • He was a grandmaster and has a great memory. He studied all of his neighbors and knows the victim Rosalie had a boyfriend who drove a red porshe and gives them the plate number.
  • Malcolm finally talks to Martin and tells him that he's taking a break from him. Martin spazzes out becaue he's trying to tell Malcolm his escape news. 
  • Malcolm and Dani bicker over how great a witness Gerard will be because of his agoraphobia, but it also sounds like they're talking about Malcolm and his trauma too.
  • Capshaw finds friar Pete with rats and setting traps and a plan. She beats him up and goes to call security but he threatens to report her because of Martin. 
  • Rosalie's boyfriend says that Rosalie confronted Gerald about watching her. 
  • Malcolm goes to talk to Gerarld about it. They talk about Malcolm's feelings for Dani and Rosalie. They see someon in Rosalie's house. It's Clayton, the boyfriend's twin. 
  • Martin reassures Vivian that he'll take care of things with Friar Pete. 
  • Jessica interrupts them to talk to Martin about the key, but she picks up that something is going on.
  • Friar Pete used rat poisoning in the food. The infirmary gets hit with all the patients. 
  • Clayton's twin Felix was looking for him after Clayton got out of the crime mob, and he killed Rosalie. Malcolm has to convince Gerald to testify.
  • Capshaw unlocks Martin to have him help with all the posioned inmates.
  • Jessica is still in Claremont when all this goes down.
  • Martin uses Capshaw's gold pass card to trap her in the infirmary and escape. He apologizes to her because family comes first. 
  • Felix is there to kill Gerard
  • Jessica calls Gil and tells him what's going on. One of the inmates comes for her and she stabs him in the neck with her stiletto. 
  • Malcolm and Gerard sneak out of the house before Felix gets them. Dani hits Felix with Gil's car and arrests him.
  • Malcolm and Gerard talk. He's about to make his move on Dani when he gets a voicemail. He listens to it and hears Martin talk about how he's not who he used to be and that everything he ever did was for the family. 
  • He's listening at the same time Dani is on the phone. He asks her what happend and she says that Martin escaped. 
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